A Day At The Circus

May 8, 2014

The Catskill Pumi B-litter will be six weeks old Sunday.  They are not only healthy and good looking, they have also turned out to be very atlethic.  Mama Fruska and Papa Penge can be proud of their offsprings.

As the Catskills’ three-season weather (Winter, Summer and Fall) has been forcing us spending lots of time inside in April and May, we’ve had to come up with ideas to compensate for the lack of warm weather and keep the pups not only growing but also getting creatively engaged and mentally stimulated indoor.

Since we have given up the office cubicle and teaching podium during the last millenium to be able to sit in the symbolic animal pan and play with dogs, chickens, goats, sheep, donkeys and horses, (etc.)  it was not difficult to figure out, how we can keep seven Pumi pups to be engaged, curious and stimulated.

Check it out…

http://youtu.be/TtslqQw1hQ4   <——- Click here…