The Catskill Pumi Magnificent Seven Have Arrived…

March 30, 2014

We are happy to announce that after sixty four days, the Catskill Pumi B-litter has arrived.

Our wonderful  Felallo Fulu Fruska, has given birth to 5 black males, one black and one white females.

She has gradually become more and more restless yesterday, Saturday afternoon. Because of her anxious behavior, we’ve decided to stay up with her all night long alternating with Laszlo every two hours.

Finally, she’s delivered the first puppy at 8:30 AM and the last pup has arrived at 12:45 PM today.   The smallest one, a male pup, was born with 10.20 oz, while the heaviest pup, the white female, was born with 12.25 oz.  I am pleased that the weight distribution among the litter mates is even.  Fruska’s labor has been uneventful and each pup is healthy and agile (we had a hard time to keep them in the measuring box while weighing them.)

Also, my dream has come through, I got a white female Pumi…    <—–Click here