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Like a Hurricane, Catskill Battyogo Bikfic Takes East Coast by Surprise…

September 6, 2014


Marika Foreman, Barsony, Bikfic and me discussing strategies and sharing Transylvanian recipies,,,

Marika Foreman, Barsony, Bikfic and Ildiko discussing strategies and sharing Transylvanian recipes, spice it up baby…

While we are in the middle of the Atlantic Hurricane Season that runs from June until the end of November, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has thought that they have covered the Atlantic region with a reassuring certainty.

Not so fast folks because today, Hurricane Catskill Battyogo Bikfic, (owners,  Marika and Paul Foreman of Somerville, NJ,) has taken the East Coast by surprise (to keep it modest – I am referring to the event as “by surprise…”) and has won “Best Beginner Puppy in Show” at the Somerset Hills Kennel Club AKC Show in Bridgewater, NJ.

The background of the story: AKC has started organizing more 4-6 months old puppy shows to help breeders and owners to be able to acclimatize their young dogs to show environments earlier.

Catskill Battyogo Bikfic

Catskill Battyogo Bikfic

walking the walk...

walking the walk…


Surprisingly, the AKC has changed its “ancient regime” behavior and has generously decided to  allow puppies of the Miscellaneous Class to participate in the “Best  Beginner Puppy in Show” competition as well.  (A few weeks ago, during the West Springfield, MA AKC shows, organizers were not sure wether miscellaneous pups could participate in the Best in Puppy Show or not, so my cute Catskill Becsi Barsony was excluded from the event.)

at the end of victory lane...

at the end of victory lane…


Although, Catskill Battyogo Bikfic was invited into the ring after his Best in Misc. yesterday, we’ve declined to enter,  based on our last show experience – I thought that the invitation was an administrative mistake…. However, today, the judges were insisting that yes, AKC has given the green light for MIscellaneous puppies to enter too.

While Bikfic was hesitant on the table a few weeks ago, now he stands there like a pro (we worked out the problem...)

While Bikfic was hesitant on the table a few weeks ago, today he stood there like a pro (we worked out the problem…)


The Little Guy in the Big League...

The Little Guy in the Big League…


And the winner is...

And the winner is… ( BOB, B in Misc, and Best  Beginner Puppy in Show…)


To make the story short, we’ve entered with Catskill Battyogo Bikfic and we not only won the show but Catskill Battyogo Bikfic has also earned his first paycheck in a form of a Benjamin Franklin prints on a contemporary legal and tender Greenback (6.41″x2.61″)



A Busy Pumi Day

Both girls got their qualifying scores after impressive performances at the AHBA herding event in the Junior Herding Dog Competition...

Both girls got their qualifying scores after impressive performances at the AHBA herding event in the Junior Herding Dog Competition…

May 30, 2014

Living with Pumis is a full time job (we just have to figure out how to get paid…)

We had a busy day today. Ildiko took Kaffogo Agyag and Catskill Apacatancos Anka  to their very first U.S. herding event, to the Susque-Nango Kennel Club.  They entered in the Junior herding dog competition and both dogs qualified with very nice work. Judge Terry Kenny has never seen a Pumi before and he has been so impressed with both of them that after the weekend trials are over, he asked me to work the dogs.  We will be happy to do it and spread the Pumi gospel….(hey who would refuse two free lessons…)

In the same time Laszlo had the privilege to stay home after our busy Memorial Day Weekend. In the afternoon he decided to take Catskill Becsi Barsony to a shopping spree to the village after her excellent performance last night’s puppy agility class in New Jersey.  (below, you can watch Laszlo and Barsony’s adventure at Tractor Supply this afternoon.)

Tomorrow, we will be back to Windsor for an AKC Pre-trial competition with the girls.

Look for our report…

Fishing or Herding… Gotta Make a Decision…

May 27, 2014

And than there was only one… (…she stayed with us. Catskill Becsi Barsony, aka Viennese Velvet…)


Gillian, Martha and Bob with little Baka before taking him to his new home.

After a quite challenging canoeing adventure of Bob Fisher over the weekend, (Seventy miles from Cooperstown NY to Binghamton NY).  Today, Martha, Bob and their daughter, Gillian Fisher came to pick up Catskill Bocskoros Baka.



When Baka looked into their eyes, they did not blink…


Pumis most likely effect climate change… they sure melt your heart…











Since the  Fishers have raised a long line of herding dogs over the years, they did not blink when the little Pumi, Bokas, looked into their eyes.  This really made us comfortable about future checks and balances in the family.

What makes this event even more exciting is, that little Baka will live only 4-5 miles from us in the Village of Delhi, NY.  He will have access to the Delaware river as well as the local forests and fields under the Fishers’ supervision.

The only question left to be answered is, wether it will be fishing or herding, or simply fishing by a herding dog on the Delaware River?

Welcome to your new home little Baka…!

East Coast Micro Pumifest 2014 Series Is Approaching Finale…

May 25, 2014

Photo 24-05-2014 14 13 27

Rosy got a hold of Fitz and declared to the rest of the family that Fitz will belong to her. (No questions asked…)


Photo 24-05-2014 14 15 49

Charlie and Fitz. In a few days Fitz will be convinced that he is taller than Charlie. A little guy with great confidence and excellent disposition.

Photo 24-05-2014 18 06 05

Marika and Paul Foreman with Bikfic. Bikfic will join his big brother, Csibesz from our A-litter.


Little Borsi takes life seriously….


Easily could be a “PlayDog” Centerfold “Miss May” drop dead gorgeous.


Last moments before departure; Stacy and Borsi got us close to a Chernobil size melt down. The house just felt so empty…


bye bye Stacy


The last guest is leaving…

It has been a busy two months for us. Fruska’s uneventful pregnancy has resulted in seven beautiful and healthy Pumi puppies and six (plus us) happy families. It has been a rewarding wonderful two months of hard work with a great result.

Some of the new owners have joined us for a “get to know each other” on Saturday.  Richard Long and the Fishers cold not make it because of their previous holiday engagements and will visit us Monday and Tuesday.  Actually we are glad that two of the pups can stay a few days longer so we do not have to quit cold cold turkey and suffering from Pumi puppy withdrawal syndrome.






We cooked we brewed, we fermented we hiked and played until the day ended.  We were one happy family…


When Pennsylvania meets Transylvania… Richard Long visited the pups from Pennsylvania earlier this week . Can we be descendants of Penn and Tran, the Sylvania twins?


When Pennsylvania meets Transylvania... Richard Long visited the pups earlier this week from Pennsylvania.  Can they be descendants of Penn and Tran, the Sylvania twins?

Richard with his future puppy, Astro both of them looking forward the new adventure.

We are thankful to all the people who have provided  us feedback, advice, and support to make our B-litter such a great adventure. First and utmost to Csaba Zsiros, breeder of the litter’s sire Penge.

We are  also happy to get to know Sandy Mainardi our “resident agility advisor” and the happy owner of CAVU, one of the lucky B-litter pups who has joined a loving home where he will be put on a lifetime agility challenge.  (Sandy, I think Anka will be happy to see you and working with you again.  By meeting you, our “toolbox” just has become bigger and more versatile…)

Great Hungarian food,  a few miles of clogged arteries... doing our bests to keep angioplasty surgeons in business

Great Hungarian food, a few miles of clogged arteries… doing our bests to keep angioplasty surgeons in business

Also a big thank you goes to Stacy Lehman, whom we clicked with immediately and felt comfortable to welcome her in our home for the weekend.  She is one of the warmest loving gails who has never stopped entertaining, engaging us and comforting all of our weekend guests.  Stacy took her time  to fly to us from Texas, leaving her family behind during Memorial Day weekend to pick up her future pup, Catskill Bazsajgos Borsika. Stacy, our home (and the cabin…:-)) are always open for you and your family and of course your pooches.

Richard Long, thank you for your patience that you’ve waited for your puppy, Astro, for such a long time. It has been nice seeing you again and also meet your supporting daughter.

Marika and Paul Foreman, thank you for your true friendship and for choosing  Catskill Bikfic of B-Litter as company for Catskill Csibesz of A-litter.

Cherie and Charlie Johnson we are delighted that you’ve found us and decided to take Catskill Fitz, and welcome him in your big loving family.

Photo 24-05-2014 17 28 09

Sandy and CAVU visibility in the sky and on the ground appears to be good for the little guy for the future…

Photo 24-05-2014 14 13 59

Cherie and Fitz are getting to know each other.

Martha and Bob Fisher, it is the utimate credit to have one of our pups so close to home in the Village of Delhi, here in New York State. We hope to see you around a lot.

Look at him, he will certainly get your attention

Look at CAVU, he will certainly get your attention

Godspeed little pups…


Testing Dogs For Real Life Situations… Or…Things Can Get Mixed Up

May 18, 2014

Where is the well? I wonder who was the genius who built the porch over the well and not marking its location...

Where is the well..?  I wonder who was the genius who built the porch over the well and not marking its location… (Look at the pups in the back ground)

Testing dogs for temperament, shyness, fear, physical aptitude, etc…, nothing new.  All breeders do them or should do them.  Although our guys have been going through our “standardized tests” the past seven weeks, suddenly, yesterday reality hit.

Three days ago our well pump has failed so suddenly we had no water in the house and water for the farm animals.  Making things more complicated, Friday we had a torrential storm that prevented us to start the repair.  Suddenly the conveniencies of civilization such us flushing toilet, washing machine (especially with seven pups in the house) dishwasher have become  dreams far from reality… Our life got put on hold. carrying drinking water from the neighbors house and water for the livestock from the creek bed in the middle of an insane storm.

The jackhammer next to the x-pan...

The jackhammer next to the x-pan…

Saturday Laszlo rented a Jackhammer and started breaking up the surface of the porch to find the well.  In the same time Sandy and Bill Mainardi stopped by to see the pups while on a quick getaway vacation up in the Catskills.

Although Bill currently is dealing with a shopping mall size utility problem, he immediately recognized the severity and magnitude of our situation (who can say no to seven thirsty Pumi pups…) rolled up his sleeves grabbed a shovel and started helping Laszlo, while Ildiko and Sandy was playing with the dogs.  In the heat of the play, the dogs didn’t even move their ears while the jackhammer was running.

It was a great moment and we can happily report that our pups have gotten well prepared  through real life to take their noise test and  they can now skip the noise test that should prepare them for the noises of real life….  Sometimes things get mixed up…

A real gem...Laszlo pulled out the water container from the horse traier  so at least we can imitate running water until the pump gets replaced...

A real gem…Laszlo pulled out the water container from the horse traier so at least we can imitate running water until the pump gets replaced…

Pups Demonstrate Surprising Skills…

May 14, 2014

The Catskill Pumi B-litter is approaching the finish line.  The pups are scheduled to go to their new homes during Memorial Day Weekend  (be ready for another micro Pumifest reports)

The pups have passed all the newly structured “Ivy league” puppy program  (the ultimate oxymoron statement about the Pumi, the forever peasant dog…) virtually with no difference between them.

This afternoon, we have been surprised by an individual puppy stunt, that we had to retest immediately, to see that other randomly selected member of the litter is capable to reproduce the same behavior.  These puppies rock!

See it yourself…   <—–Click here…

Wobble Baby Wobble…

May 10, 2014

When Sandy came to see the Pumi pups on Monday, it was love at first sight.  When she came back today, it was love all over again.  We know it, we can tell from miles away, because we are addicted to Pumi love.

It is something that one cannot describe.  It has to be experienced.

I imagine when the Aspirin went on clinical trial to cure head ache, pain, and heart ache, the control group must have gotten some Pumis to hug and no surprise, they’ve experienced the Placebo Effect, and oh yes it has worked since… Those of us who have taken the Pumi Pill, we know it…

Are you ready for your healthy addiction…?          <——Click here….


A Day At The Circus

May 8, 2014

The Catskill Pumi B-litter will be six weeks old Sunday.  They are not only healthy and good looking, they have also turned out to be very atlethic.  Mama Fruska and Papa Penge can be proud of their offsprings.

As the Catskills’ three-season weather (Winter, Summer and Fall) has been forcing us spending lots of time inside in April and May, we’ve had to come up with ideas to compensate for the lack of warm weather and keep the pups not only growing but also getting creatively engaged and mentally stimulated indoor.

Since we have given up the office cubicle and teaching podium during the last millenium to be able to sit in the symbolic animal pan and play with dogs, chickens, goats, sheep, donkeys and horses, (etc.)  it was not difficult to figure out, how we can keep seven Pumi pups to be engaged, curious and stimulated.

Check it out…   <——- Click here…