Day Zero, nothing yet…

March 26, 2014

should be arriving from that direction...nothing yet

should be arriving from that direction…nothing yet

Feel like a Dino Buzzati character in “Tartar Steppe”  just waiting and nothing is happening.  The pups are visibly kicking. Her temperature has dropped in the morning and has risen about an hour ago.

Everyone is searching...

Everyone is searching…

Last year the pattern was similar in the last 24 hours (she gave birth the 61st day.) Temperature dropped than rose and than dropped again and soon after she went into labor.  Nerv wrecking nail biting moments.

The radar screen is blank can they flight stealth...?

The radar screen is blank can they approach stealth…?

Also, it is insanely cold and windy outside. After sunset we will have 0 F.

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