Growing up and up and fast…

want to eat them allive

Want to eat them alive


Safe inside

Safe and roomy inside

August 28, 2013

Wow…!  Wait a minute…, I would get a speeding ticket for that!   These pups are growing with the speed of mushrooms.  What has been a a nice excuse to hang out and play with the pups, the past month, fast it turned into a demanding job watching these rascals do not get hurt and cleaning them around the clock.

Photo 27-08-2013 12 53 23

The troop is together figuring out what kind of mischievous things to do next

But honestly, it is a great and rewarding job. I love to see them interacting with each other,and their personality developing.  I hope to get many nice days so we can spend lots of time outside.

Alpar is seriously thinking about something

Alpar is seriously thinking about something