Improving Productivity Through Better Workwear…

June, 10, 2013

The three Musketeers proudly showing up wearing their new collars

The Three Musketeers proudly showing up wearing their new collars

Finally unpacked everything down to the last piece.  Suitcases are back in the closet waiting for the next trip.

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Proper workwear for Pumis. Beautiful craftsmanship…

In the bottom of one of the suitcases I happily discovered the new fancy herding collars with bells  that I bought for the Pumis in Hortobagy.  Now they have proper  workwear to herd the stock.

Yesterday, we actually tried the collar on Fruska the first time and let her wear it for the evening chores.  It really worked.  Because the sheep heard the bell ringing they knew in advance Fruska’s position and they moved much calmer and more predictably, so the whole operation went much smoother.

So it turns out that yes, after all, one can improve productivity through better workwear…  <——Click here



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