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DN22943505 D.O.B. 09/24/2008

Sire: Galla-Hegyi Gomboc DN9287801

Dam:Cseri Subas Amal DN9287701


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Csupasz is our first Pumi from Oregon. He is primarily a farm dog, very powerful on the stock. He also competes at herding trials on sheep and weʼve started training him on cattle too.

FELALLO FULU FRUSKA   (French Import) HSAS-Master, HSAS, PT, HRD I-S, HTAD I-S, CM,  FCI Working Dog (Herding)

Retired (spayed) – Fruska gave birth to three healthy litters over the years. She produced AKC grand champion and champion Pumis, bonafide full time herding dogs – that we are probably the most proud of.   She’ll be working full time on the farm and probably returning to herding trials. Sheep and goats are her favorite thing. 

DN30517401 D.O.B. 04/12/2010Felallo Fulu Fruska

Sire: Napos Gabor FKK 41285/05

Dam: Pilisi Kocos Csipke LOF 20/10

OFA – Good (hip)

OFA – Normal (elbow)

OFA – N/N Normal (DM)

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Fruskaʼs dam was the World Winner in 2012. Fruska is an exceptionally talented herding dog with a very high work ethic and superior drive.


CH. KAFFOGO AGYAG (Hungarian Import) FCI-ITB (FCI Working Dog Title Traditional Style Herding – FCI sanctioned international herding trial Hungary, 2013), CM, PT, JHD-S (Junior Hungarian Champion)

Agyag has delivered an outstanding performance at the “WORLD DOG SHOW 2013″ in Budapest, Hungary: 

– Junior Grand Prix Winner – Budapest CACIB Grand Prix

– Junior World Cup Winner of Hungarian Breeds –  World Cup of Hungarian Breeds, Godollo

– HPJJunior Winner – First Raisits Cup 2013 (International Pumi Club)

– Excellent 2 (Second Place Junior Class) World Dog Show 2013

Junior Club Winner x 2 – Hungarian Pumi Club

Agyag has also earned the “FCI-ITB Traditional Style Herding”  Certificate at the Hortobagy FCI sanctioned international herding trial on May 25, 2013.

DN34808901 D.O.B. 03/08/2012

Kaffogo Agyag

Sire: Karvakorvan Basso ”Borz” MET5540/H/06

Dam: Nyirsegfia Piros MET5616/07

OFA – N/N Normal (DM)

OFA – N/N Normal (PLL)

A  perfect or near Pumi that rarely comes around.  Agyag has a wonderfully balanced disposition, just like how the Pumi should be. She is level headed, bomb proof and calm. Her ideal conformation is combined with a hair type and quality designed for a working dog. When it comes to work with stock, she is always eager to enter the barn yard. Agyag is a highly recognized Pumi in Europe. When showing her in conformation overseas, she is always a safe entry to bet on.  Several Agyag pups from both of her litters have been exported to Europe. She’s been also gaining recognition in the United States as judges become better versed with the Pumi every day.

GCH. CATSKILL APACATANCOS ANKA, (from our own breeding program)

CM, PTPhoto Mar 04, 7 37 41 AM, JHD-S

D.O.B. 07.31.2013

Sire: Karvakorvan Basso

Dam: Felallo Fulu Fruska

Temperament…, temperament… temperament…! A wise Pumi (if there is such a thing) She thinks first before she acts when working on the farm. A quiet and mysterious Pumi highly popular in the conformation ring, By May 2014 (only ten months old) Anka has already earned her CM and PT.  She has an outstanding temperament, great conformation and superior drive. She is also very promising in herding and agility.


CH. CATSKILL BECSI BARSONY (from our own breeding B-litter)

Certificate of Merit

D.O.B. 03.30.2014

Sire: Nyirsegfia Penge

Dam: Felallo Fulu Fruska

Barsony has been growing up in healthy working farm environment among other working Pumis.  She has been introduced to sheep, has also started formal herding and basic agility training. She has shown great interest in both discipin, has a strong herding instinct and has a great drive.

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Catskill Becsi Barsony