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December, 28, 2017

Puppies of our “I-litter are Four Weeks Old!

Watching the cold weather through the window from toasty warm of inside, the pups are keep playing until they fall asleep from exhaustion. Than simply repeat.

Time flies fast… These little rascals will be ready to go to their new homes near the end of January, 2018.


Mama “Fehérke,” is guarding her sleeping pups outside the box after a hard day’s play.


moving, playing and exploring all new things…


Exploring the ever changing environment


The first “kill…



October 6, 2017


The puppies have been selected to their new families!

Last night after six weeks of close observation and evaluation, the Catskill Pumi G and H litter puppies have been selected. Catskill Pumis will go to California, North Dakota, Minnesota, Tennessee, Ohio, Vermont, New York and the District of Columbia.  We are proud of our puppies and pleased with the chosen owners who pledged to provide an exciting and safe life for this wonderful bunch of little Pumis.

The pups will be leaving us after our “Catskill Pumi Puppy Farewell” Event on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

Stay tuned for the farewell adventure!

all new owners have anxiously waited to the announcement of the selection of their new puppies

all new owners have anxiously waited to the announcement of the selection of their new puppies last night

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HABEMUS PUMIS! the pups have been selected to their new families!










September 29, 2017

GHGHGH – litters are five weeks old!

the marching band is five weeks old

the marching band is five weeks old


The band leader

First solid meal

First solid meal

September 12, 2017

The Puppies are growing…!




July 26, 2017



We are expecting two Pumi litters here at Catskill Kennel, in August 2017.

GCH Catskill Becsi Barsonyis expecting WHITE puppies due in August 2017

GCH Catskill Becsi Barsonyis expecting WHITE puppies due in August 2017

One of the litters is expected by GCH Catskill Bécsi Bársony who is capable to put a smile on everyone’s face anytime. The litter is sired by Cseri-Subás Fuvola.  He was  imported from the iconic Hungarian Cseri-Subás Puli and Pumi Kennel in January 2017. The kennel has been owned by the legendary Pumi and Puli breeder, Istvan Menyhart until his recent passing, Mr. Menyhart had focused on developing high quality white Pulis and Pumis. The kennel is currently run by Mrs. Joli Menyhart,  the widow of Mr. Menyhart. This litter has been our long time dream and was a mutually developed plan with the late Istvan Menyhart. Our plan was to be able to preserve the direct blood line of the unique Pumi, Nyirsegfia Penge, who was the sire of Catskill Bécsi Barsony.  The late Penge sired only a couple of litters during his short life and was a highly regarded and sought after specimen of the breed in Europe. We were one out of the couple of lucky kennels to use him as a sire during his life.  We are expecting high quality white pups with great skin pigments.

Barsony is a reliable working herding dog on our farm with a superior disposition and quality conformation and excellent drive. She participates at barn hunt trials and lure coursing.  Although she has not competed in agility trials, she is always excited to run the course here at our farm or participating in agility trainings.  Barsony has earned Best of Opposite Sex at the Pumi National in Texas, in 2016.

GCH Kaffogo Agyag is expecting (black/gray) puppies and due in August of 2017

GCH Kaffogo Agyag is expecting (black/gray) puppies and due in August of 2017

The second litter is expected by GCH Kaffogó Agyag.  This litter has also been sired by Cseri Subas Fuvola.  Agyag is one of a kind Pumi bitch. She is highly popular among breeders and Pumi aficionados in Europe as well as here in the US. Agyag has a superior disposition, and a high quality conformation.  She always places high at European conformation shows (several CAC-s and CACIB-s in Hungary -2013 and 2016, Finland – 2014, Austria – 2016. She has become Hungarian Junior Champion, Junior World Cup Winner of Hungarian breeds in Hungary in 2013).   Her outstanding qualities also gain instant recognition by judges who are well versed in Pumi conformation and disposition here in the US.  Agyag placed “Select Bitch” in breed at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Show in February, 2017. She is also a working farm dog on our sheep and goat farm in the Catskill Mountains upstate NY.

The sire, Cseri-Subas Fuvola is a high quality specimen with ideal color genetics to sire white as well as black Pumis with carefully selected combinations.  Fuvola has a superior conformation and a good disposition.

Cseri Subas Fuvola, the sire of the two upcoming Catskill Pumi litters

Cseri Subas Fuvola, the sire of the two upcoming Catskill Pumi litters


I’ve visited the Menyharts in November, 2016, just a couple of months before Mr. Menyhart passing when he asked me to import Fuvola to the US to continue part of his work.  He has been one of my mentors over the years and I am grateful for the attention and the knowledge he has given to me.

He’ll be always remembered.








May 28, 2017

 Farewell Catskill Pumi F- litter

A last good bye before Fatyol Felho leaves his Catskill family

A last good bye before Fatyol Felho leaves his Catskill family

The pups of our F-litter have moved to their new home this weekend, to destinations in Florida New York, Massachusetts and Ohio. The last day with the visitors went fast while playing with the pups, sharing food and stories. Thankfully the weather was collaborating.

We are thankful for Marika and Paul Foreman and Martha and Bob Fisher to stop by and help this joyous event to be as smooth as possible.

As the pups have moved to their new homes and paved the road to build new friendships and Pumi camaraderie, our Catskill family has grown bigger. When we search for the best homes for our Catskill Pumi puppies, we also build relationships that offers reciprocal growth and learning opportunities for the new owners and us the breeders. Once the pups leave us, the proverbial umbilical cord is not cut, rather our connection gets stronger.

Maria, JoAnn, Nanci,  Cathrine and Dana, Jane and Mark, Lisa and Barry, thank you for opening your homes for our pups raising them to be warriors and happy members of your family. We hope to hear from each of you often!

GCH.B CH Catskill Apacatancos Anka CM2, JHD, PT, CA

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Pumitime’s AresIMG_2117


Health certificates and titles are available upon request
All inquiries to info@catskillpumi.com


The Pumi is not for everyone!  It is a terrier type, highly intelligent herding breed with an off-switch. The Pumi is  easily trainable, however, he needs daily off leash physical exercise and mental stimulation. The Pumi does not take raincheck easily.  He is certainly not a backyard dog to be left alone.  Although, he might appear to be tough and invincible from the outside, he can be a fragile and delicate soul. A Pumi wants to be a partner,  a family member and not only a mere object or just a meaningless ignored “pet.” The Pumi thrives the most in active families.

The Pumi excels in most dog sports and trials. He is also a great companion sport and recreational dog. He is naturally good off-leash and can have a fantastic recall.  Still it is important that the Pumi gets proper training, socialization and exposure to various stimuli of versatile environments to earn the full reward of his wonderful personality and character. He tends to be vocal, however, his voice can easily be controlled if he is properly cared for.  The Pumi likes guidance and even though, tend to be a “one person dog,” he also listens to and obeys to the “rest of the pack.”

The Pumi is not a shy breed…! He might be reserved and cautious when introduced to strangers and unfamiliar places , however, a Pumi with the right disposition and proper socialization should recover fast, act naturally and happy with new people in new surroundings.  Before making an impulse buy, one should ask him/herself whether, he or she has a compatible temperament and  is committed for a 12-15-year long relationship that involves an active, fun and healthy lifestyle.

When we plan a Pumi litter, we focus on temperament, physical health, correct anatomy, correct hair type, characteristic head, pigmentation, and desired colors. We try to see several offsprings, siblings and other relatives of the dogs whom we consider in our breeding program. Therefore, we extensively travel to Europe, collaborate with breeders and research different bloodlines to find the best possible match for our dogs.  While titles and popularity are important, they are secondary in our selection process to pick a quality dog. 

We plan to have one or two Pumi litters per year and we try to sell our puppies only to the most dedicated and committed potential buyers. We screen everyone and whom we think are the most suitable and can provide the best home, will be able to purchase dogs from us.

We do not sell dogs to people who plan to keep our dogs in kennels and/or plan to debark them. A Pumi must live together and share the home of its owner… Well, train them!

All Pumi puppies to be sold, will be registered with the AKC, microchipped, vaccinated with the first round of shots and dewormed up to date.

If for any reason, (and we believe there are almost none) a Pumi from our breeding needs a new home, regardless of age or health condition, we reserve the right for that dog to be returned to us.


So if you feel that you are up to the Pumi challenge, please contact us at,

info@catskillpumi.com or (917) 488-1015, (917) 375-7029.

You can see our Pumis in action and our puppies the way they grow up on YouTube by typing in the search box “Goatsheepshop” lean back and enjoy!