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The 2023 edition of  puppies have arrived! Please CONTACT US for more information.

The 2022 edition of  puppies have arrived! Please CONTACT US for more information.

July 24, 2021

We Are Excited To Announce The Arrival Of Two New Catskill Pumi Litters

Catskill Becsi Barsony X Catskill Iszkiri Ignac

Catskill Finnyas Fani X MayaLu’s Everet

These litters have been in the making  for years.

Barsony in delirium with her eight new pups
Barsony in delirium with her eight new pups
Fani is a first time mom. protective and extremely detail oriented
Fani is a first time mom.

Catskill Barsony is a once in a lifetime dog, with an exceptional conformation, outstanding temperament, serious drive, and the love for farm work.

She is the daughter of  the “mythical” Nyirsegfia Penge whom everybody has talked about in Europe, however, only a few people have actually seen him. However, we’ve had a privilege to use him as a stud back in 2016. Penge had been a leased  farm dog near the Ukranian border in the sparsely populated “puszta” or prairie part of Hungary at the time of our visit. Unfortunately, soon after to the mating to our bitch, Fruska, he was poisoned.  During the short time between breeding to our Felallo Fulu Fruska,  and before his death he has left several other bitches barren.  His outstanding conformation, dream temperament, working background, relatively unique blood line and the tragic fact that he was bred only twice, has given us a litter that is a rear gem in the Pumi world.

Ignac, the sire of the litter, is one of the offsprings of  two imports, Cseri-Subas Fuvola x Hegyvidek Eke Geszte the foundation sire and bitch of  our “White Pumi Project”  that we’ve inherited from the legendary late Hungarian Gold Standard Breeder,  Istvan Menyhart. He has trusted us with these two wonderful dogs before he’s died.

This “white project” has become a third extension line of our breeding program via Ignac.

Fani is the daughter of our Grand Champion Gold, first ever Best of Breed Winner Pumi at Westminster, and two-time BOB winner of the Annual Royal Canin AKC National Championship (formerly Eukanuba) in Orlando, FL.

Fani has incredible drive with a perfect off switch. She does agility and lure coursing and also work on the farm, herding sheep.

Our Collaboration with MayaLu’s Pumik has been produced some wonderful specimen with great stamina, drive and conformation.  Naturally, we wanted to continue working with MayaLu’s Pumik again.

Everet, the sire of the litter, is the brother of Chuckles whom we’ve already used for another breeding projects. Their father, Krieger has been a US national Agility Team member with Karen Beaty-Massey. We are expecting the pups to become well rounded for sport, conformation shows or to become exceptional pets to enhance their owners’ quality of life.


August 29, 2020

Hello Friends, Please Join us to  a “Drive In” live streaming of Anka and Barsony’s Puppies tomorrow, Sunday afternoon, August 30. Bring Your popcorn, burger, milkshake and extra large Coke along. Hope to see you there.

Like a vintage Black and White Scotch
Like a vintage Black and White Scotch
Waiting for.... fill in the blank
Waiting for…. fill in the blank
Drinking it up...."Rosewater" by Tade Thompson worth to read
Drinking it up….”Rosewater” by Tade Thompson worth to read
I can tell you one thing. This Pumi will never look like a louzy Kerry Blue Terrier
I can tell you one thing. This Pumi will never look like a louzy Kerry Blue Terrier

July 1, 2020


Catskill puppy love this summer near you…
Pumi puppies coming soon this summer, 2020
Catskill Pumi puppies are coming soon this summer, 2020

May 17, 2019

A Quick Puppy Fix for you before the weekend….

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFBy21I0IsQ  <<<<——-Click on link and enjoy the pups

April 21, 2019

The Easter Catskill Pumi Pups Have Cracked Their Eggshells Just In Time For The Holidays…

Catskill Barsony has given birth to six healthy Pumi pups, (five girls and one boy) this morning.  Mom and pups are healthy.

Fresh new Easter pups
Fresh new Easter pups

March 29, 2019

Announcing Confirmed Pregnancy…

Puppies Expected in April, 2019

Ch Mayalu’s Eternal Laughter (Chuckles) x GCh Ch Catskill Becsi Barsony 

Puppies are expected around April 20, 2019…. Both, Chuckles and Barsony are show as well as trial dogs.

Chuckles comes from MayaLu, one of the top Pumi agility kennels in the United States. Chuckles also competes in agility, obedience and rally, and shows in conformation with his owner, JoAnne Applegate Vogt. He is a Conformation champion, has titles in Obedience, and Rally and working toward his new agility titles.  His sire, Krieger was a National finalist at USDAA last year. His grandma Bella, was multiple times the member of National Agility Teams.

Barsony works as a full time herding Pumi at our farm and she also competes in agility.  She completed her Novice Jumper and Standard titles, Has her PT and Junior Herding Dog titles in  herding. In lure coursing she’ earned her BCAT, CA and CAA titles. She was the fastest Pumi Bitch and overall second in the US last year.  She is also a successful conformation show dog. Was BOS at the Pumi National in Texas,  2015, “Select” at at the AKC Royal Canin National in Orlando, FL in 2017 and has placed “Select” at Westminster in NYC in 2018.  Barsony’s sire was the legendary Nyirsegfia Penge, a full time herding/farm dog in Hungary. Her dam Felallo Fulu Fruska is also a full time herding dog who still works hard on our farm.

Both dogs have outstanding temperament and great conformation.

All recommended health tests have been done and are OFA certified on both dogs. Health certificates are available upon request.

Handsom Chuckles at Coco Beachin 2017
Chuckles is meditating.
Handsome Chuckles at Coco Beach Florida in 2017
Barsony is waiting to be released to run her standard course at a CPE agility event in Stehentown, NY
Barsony is waiting to be released to run her standard course at a CPE agility event in Stephentown, NY
GCH Catskill Barsony and Morgan Mattioli were spectacular at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Show in NYC. Barsony has placed "SELECT BITCH" and she has suddenly become the talk of Pumi Town, USA. She is from a rare line, a bonafide working dog with a superior disposition and close to perfect conformation.
GCH Catskill Barsony and Morgan Mattioli were spectacular at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Show in NYC. Barsony has placed “SELECT BITCH” and she has suddenly become the talk of Pumi Town, USA. She is from a rare line, a bonafide working dog with a superior disposition and close to perfect conformation.
Barsony working on the farm.
Barsony working on the farm.

All inquiries to info@catskillpumi.com


 SUGGESTED BUYING GUIDE to consider: Know your breeder who knows your Pumi!  

If you are looking for a Pumi puppy and would consider some advice from us in your pursuit of your next dream dog,  remember to ask your breeder for proof of recommended health test certificates for both, sire and dam of your potential future puppy, (hip, elbow, knee, PLL and DM). Your future pup’s health depends on these test results.

The Issue of Under Age Breeding. Make sure that the dam and sire, especially the dam of the pups is not younger than 24 months (two years) of age. A younger than two years of dog is neither physically nor mentally is mature enough to give birth and raise her pups correctly.  Under age breeding often takes a heavy toll on the  dam’s still developing body and  the pups frequently end up with behavior issues and potential physical deficiencies later in life. Do not support careless breeders. Your decision to buy a puppy from under age parents can encourages the practice of early immature breeding. FYI, The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) does not even offer final hip x-ray certificate under two years of age.

Note!  We prefer to wait even longer to see the dogs fully developed. Therefore, none of our bitches have been younger than three (3) years of age at the time of their first breeding.

Your future puppy should have the first set of vaccinations, should be dewormed according to schedule, microchipped and AKC registered at the time of leaving your breeder’s home. You puppy should also come with a signed contract that spells out your rights as a buyer.

The Pumi is a herding breed. Pumis need a sense of purpose such as work, sport, exercise and most importantly lots of love.  Pumis thrive in active families.

Remember, get to know your breeder, ask questions and most importantly, trust your gut-feeling…

Are the dogs kenneled or kept in the home of the breeder? Do the dogs do any other activities than conformation only (e.g. agility herding, nose work etc.?) if not, what type of exercise and training they get?  Do the breeder allow to visit  his/her home? Have you met any of the parent dogs or other dogs from the kennel or owned by others? Are the dogs shy or are they reserved? (understand the difference…!) If you cannot not visit the breeder, have you seen a series of videos or photos  that can assure you that the breeder’s dogs are kept properly?



I can tell you one thing. This Pumi will never look like a louzy Kerry Blue Terrier
I can tell you one thing. This Pumi will never look like a louzy Kerry Blue Terrier


The Pumi who was called Edvard Munch
The Pumi who was called Edvard Munch



The Pumi is not for everyone!  It is a terrier type, highly intelligent herding breed. Fortunately, Pumik comes with an off-switch. The Pumi is easily trainable, however, he needs daily off leash physical exercise and mental stimulation. The Pumi does not take raincheck easily.  He is certainly not a backyard dog to be left alone.  Although, he might appear to be tough and invincible from the outside, he can be a fragile and delicate soul. A Pumi wants to be a partner,  a family member and not only a mere object or just a meaningless ignored “pet.” The Pumi thrives the most in active families.

The Pumi excels in most dog sports and trials. He is also a great companion sport and recreational dog. He is naturally good off-leash and can have a fantastic recall.  Still it is important that the Pumi gets proper training, socialization and exposure to various stimuli of versatile environments to earn the full reward of his wonderful personality and character. He tends to be vocal, however, his voice can easily be controlled if he is properly cared for.  The Pumi likes guidance and even though, tend to be a “one person dog,” he also listens to and obeys to the “rest of the pack.”

The Pumi is not a shy breed…! He might be reserved and cautious when introduced to strangers and unfamiliar places , however, a Pumi with the right disposition and proper socialization should recover fast, act naturally and happy with new people in new surroundings.  Before making an impulse buy, one should ask him/herself whether, he or she has a compatible temperament and  is committed for a 12-15-year long relationship that involves an active, fun and healthy lifestyle.

When we plan a Pumi litter, we focus on temperament, physical health, correct anatomy, correct hair type, characteristic head, pigmentation, and desired colors. We try to see several offsprings, siblings and other relatives of the dogs whom we consider in our breeding program. Therefore, we extensively travel to Europe, collaborate with breeders and research different bloodlines to find the best possible match for our dogs.  While titles and popularity are important, they are secondary in our selection process to pick a quality dog. 

We plan to have one or two Pumi litters per year and we try to sell our puppies only to the most dedicated and committed potential buyers. We screen everyone and whom we think are the most suitable and can provide the best home, will be able to purchase dogs from us.

We do not sell dogs to people who plan to keep our dogs in kennels and/or plan to debark them. A Pumi must live together and share the home of its owner… Well, train them!

All Pumi puppies to be sold, will be registered with the AKC, microchipped, vaccinated with the first round of shots and dewormed up to date.

If for any reason, (and we believe there are almost none) a Pumi from our breeding needs a new home, regardless of age or health condition, we reserve the right for that dog to be returned to us.


So if you feel that you are up to the Pumi challenge, please contact us at,

info@catskillpumi.com or (917) 488-1015, (917) 375-7029.

You can see our Pumis in action and our puppies the way they grow up on YouTube by typing in the search box “Goatsheepshop” lean back and enjoy!