Seven Pumis In Seven Days…

May 30, 2015

Hello World, We Are Here

Hello World, We Are Here

Hello World, We Are Here…  We were happy to land on Planet Pumi during Memorial Day weekend, make it sure that everyone will remember us.

FYI, we are more than color coded cute monkeys, we are Pumis with real names… if you think you have speech impediment after reading our names, either ignore it or set up an appointment with your speech pathologist.

So here we go!

Hi, my name is Csucsai Csinszka or Csinszka from Ciucea. I am one of the pups from the Catskill Pumi C-litter.  I will be the narrator of our first seven days today.

Sneaky little guys

Sneaky little guys

My name comes from the romantic story (blah blah blah…) that Csinszka was the wife of one of the greatest Hungarian poets, Endre Ady. Unfortunately, he died of syphilis just before penicillin was available in 1919…  (Sorry, I am a pup and sometimes not sure about appropriate comments or unnecessary extra information…) Anyway, since I started it, let me finish it… As a new born pup, my take away of this story is, that greatness might shields one from the consequences of getting in  to trouble, however, not necessarily from contracting trouble…The wife, Csinszka was from a small town in Transylvania, Ciucea or Csucsai, that is between Oradea where our mistress, Ildiko was born and Cluj Napoca where Ildiko attended her undergraduate studies, so she was riding through Ciucea a lot.

The second girl’s name is “Csendes Csobanka” that translates as “Quiet Shepherdess.” I think this name is self explanatory. We were born into a herding kennel, and while anecdotes say that Pumis must bark when herd, our elder kennel team mates have proven that a good herding dog can work in silence.

“Cseresznyes Cio-Cio-San” is the third girl, that stands for “Cio-Cio-San with Cherries.” This name is a testament that we are from an artsy fartsy family, and supposedly  when Laszlo was growing up, his family had permanent annual ticket to the Budapest Opera House… (I hope you  got the Cherry connection…)

“Cserfes Csacsogo,” or Gossipy Chatterbox” is the fourth girl’s name. I do not want to be a party pooper, so I cannot identify the person she is named after… Pumis are certainly known about their chattery personality and gossip is also an important social tool  getting to know your allies and enemies…

And  here come the boys…

AKC's Most Wanted

AKC’s Most Wanted


“Cifra Csaszar” or “Adorned Emperor.” A name that jumps out from the gilded history of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, folk fables, national operas, Francophile poets and the rest.

“Csipos Csuzli” or “Pinching Slingshot” is the perfect name for the perfect underdog, a peasant underdog I might add, recalling a biblical hero from the Old Testament.

Finally the last of us is “Csatakos Csoma.”  His name can be translated as “Soaked or Muddy Csoma.” Either way, when you’ll see him, you know that he is just an adorable lovely dirty Pumi.

We’ve had a busy loud and camera flashy first seven days, so I think I am happy that I cannot hear and see for a few more days, otherwise, I would have a serious headache.  We were photographed and showed around the world, I felt like a Kardashian Pumi or one of “AKC’s Seven Most Wanted…”

We also had a visit at the vet office that has become a subject of an international crisis, “dewclaw or not to dewclaw…” However, thanks to the twenty four-hour news cycle, FIFA took the center stage right after us.

dewclaw or not dewclaw an international Pumi crisis

dewclaw or not dewclaw an international Pumi crisis

Lately, we are subjected to some weird experiment, created by a person named Dr.Bataglia.  Honestly, it is quite uncomfortable.  We have to hang upside down, resting on cold surface, they push Q-tips between our paws and other weird stuff. It is supposedly  good for us.  The only thing I am concerned about is that a few decades from now some revisionist historian might come up with the idea that we were part of some weird Eugenist exercise, the “Post-Letterman Stupid Pet Tricks”. 

So what will we become? I do not know. Words go around in the whelping box that they will send us to the four corners of the world, so I guess, we will be missionaries. Wait a second…, can we be Mormon Pumis?

From Planet Mars to Planet Pumi in 62 days...

From Planet Mars to Planet Pumi in 62 days…