Silentium Pumi Americanus….

March 16, 2014

We’ve gotten some short break on the farm but not from the weather…  We are done with lambing and kidding ( no kidding…!?!?).

Fruska has slowly been ballooning her pregnancy to the end of its term.  Nothing really is happening so we are just Waiting for Godot…

We’ve gotten 71 lambs and 9 goat kids. ewes and does are up in arms to protect their lambs and kids therefore, to avoid stress, herding is out of question at least until May.

There are some exciting plans for the spring and summer, however.  We hope to start the new herding facility and along the way start the process of getting certified by AKC to start tests and trials.

But for now, we take life one step at a time until Fruska’s pups arrive.

Enjoy some recycled videos…  <——-Click here… <——— Click here… <——–Click here…