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Catskill Pumis Behind the Case of Southern Discomfort

August 2, 2017

Csinszka's new grand champion ribbon

Csinszka’s new grand champion ribbon

I had a busy six days last week.  I have traveled with the small contingent of three Catskill Pumis, Anka, Csinszka and Otter,  to Greenville South Carolina, to participate at the Carolina Foothills Cluster, sponsored by Purina Proplan.

It was a relatively large entry for the breed, 14 Pumis have been present including us,  to showcase  a cross segment of the breed in the US. I also had a chance to meet some of the new Pumi owners and reconnect with old ones.

Jan and Anka

Jan and Anka

The venue, the TD Convention Center was a comfortable place to exhibit and seek shelter from the scorching southern heat. The heat and humidity south of the Mason Dixon line is  drastically different  than our mild summer temperature  Upstate NY.

I was pleased with the strong performance of my Pumis. Anka is gradually regaining her pre pregnancy condition. Her hair is also coming back without complications. Seeing her rebounding so fast after her first litter reassures me that my dogs’ BARF diet is working well and that her body has  handled the burdens and challenges of pregnancy beautifully.

our weekend result

our weekend result

Jan and Csinszka in the Ring

Me and Csinszka in the Ring

Csinszka is maturing by the day and she is turning into a beautiful proportional bitch with well balanced movements. She is one of the lightest movers, barely touching the ground.

Otter, the well kept Catskill Pumi secret is out now in the open and keeps winning hearts and minds of those who are looking for quality males.  He needs to be traveling and shown more to gain confidence and to become more comfortable in the ring.

Overall, my Catskill Pumis have delivered a steady and successful performance.


Catskill Apacatancos Anka got one “Select,” two BOS and one BOB placements.

Catskill Csucsai Csinszka has earned three “Selects” and one BOS.  Csinszka also finished her Grand Championship over the weekend!

Catskill Otter has received two “Select” placements.

This successful week could not have been possible without Jan Kolnik, Anka’s handler, Eryn Glenn who showed Otter, and Marilyn Funke who has shown her group of Pumis and we shared the hotel room and an enormous amount of gossips for four days.