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Murphy’s Law

December 15, 2015


Catskill Badger and Laszlo in the ring

Catskill Badger and Laszlo in the ring

What a week we’ve had during The Eukanuba National in Orlando Florida. The Catskill Pumis and their close cohort, Kaffogo Agyag have entered five shows and collected three BOB, one BOS, five BBE, five Best 6-9 months old Puppy Dog, three Best 6-9 months old Puppy bitch titles and several additional placements. Yay…!

Ildiko and Catskill Csinszka sharming the judge and spectators

Ildiko and Catskill Csinszka charming the judge and spectators

We’ve been coming to show in conformation to The Eukanuba National for four years. This year we had the largest Catskill Pumi turnout, with seven Pumis and we are proud of them all, especially the three pups from our C-litter, Csobanka, Csinszka and Csoma aka Badger.  By the time the Pumi enters the herding group next July, they will be the sharks of the conformation ring.

What have changed s

What has changed for the Pumi at Eukanuba over the years? Honestly, not too much. Inconsistent judging is still one of the most disturbing aspects of showing the Pumi in the US.

What has changed for the Pumi at Eukanuba over the years? Honestly not too much. Still inconsistent, sometimes substandard judging (I am simply puzzled why a judge need to ask the handler at the table, “how is the correct tail setting…?”) This is not to take away anything from the winners’ achievements, however, after ten years it is obvious that judges have lots more to learn about the Pumi.

Another thing I noticed that some handlers kept initiating chit-chats with the judge while stacking their dogs on the table.  I could never figure it out for what reason? I wonder whether they have had an ulterior motive…? Also, there have been some friendly fires in the ring (what happened to sportsmanship…?) and  of course the usual ringside tackling.

Standing tall... Aida Dungan and  in the Miscellaneous group during The Eukanuba National.

Standing tall… Aida Dungan and Pushkin in the Miscellaneous group during The Eukanuba National.


After ten years of Pumi history, in the United States, I am still not sure why dogs with obvious disqualifying conformation need to be shown. Trust me, I love them all equally, but some just do not qualify for the conformation ring. In my opinion, it reflects bad on the breed and all  breeders. If you remember my blogs from Finland two years ago, I noted that reputable Finnish breeders would rather not show if they do not have show quality dogs to enter.


Each dog showing at The Eukanuba National deserves its “fifteen minutes” to get a full and fair judging.

The judging during the actual Eukanuba National, I think, was quite disrespectful to all Pumi exhibitors in the Miscellaneous Breed’s ring on Sunday. The judge, Mr. Murphy, showed up 45(!) minutes late and then sorted through the breed in seconds without properly examining the dogs. He did not allow time for stacking the dogs on the table and did not look most dogs’ structure,  barely the bites. He did not let the dogs show in full circle and on the diagonal in the ring in order to catch up with the time. (Even if he has the right to do that  according to the rule book, hey this was The Eukanuba National where each dog who showed up there deserves its “fifteen minutes” to have a fair chance to be fully examined and judged.)  Another annoying surprise and significant delay was that in the “Open Bitch Class” where there were only two bitches in the judge’s book out of the five entered the show. It took additional long minutes to sort out the entry list.

Huhh... no comment

Huhh… no comment


The highlight of the chaotic judging was, when entering the ring for the 6-9 months Puppy Bitch Class, the judge walked up to me during the first going around before even reaching to the table to stack Csinszka(!) and declared her as the winner of the 6-9 months old “Puppy Dog” Class.… (!?!?!) He looked quite confused when I told him that this was the 6-9 months Puppy Bitch NOT  Puppy Dog Class. He did not care too much, simply brushed it off saying, “I guess I am a bit confused…” I wonder what the other handler felt behind me in the ring.  Those of you who missed it, Mr Murphy was also the center of discussion last year on FaceBook when judging the Pumi at one of the open shows here at The Eukanuba National.

But enough of the drama and congratulations to last day’s winners, Aida Dungan with Pushkin, BOB and Ginger Butler with Lyric BOS!

The week went fast and I think we did not realize how much we worked to groom the dogs for the shows and properly exercise them daily at Cocoa Beach and Lake Baldwin Park  to pull through the week. We also visited our Orlando Florida Pumi, Catskill Csaszar aka “ZEKE” and his family.

Visiting Catskill CSaszar aka Zeke and his family the Larkins in Orlando Florida, if you believe in reincarnation this is to place be a dog in your next life.

Visiting Catskill CSaszar aka Zeke and his family the Larkins in Orlando Florida. If you believe in reincarnation this is the place to be a Pumi in your next life.

We rigorously exercised the dogs to maintain their daily routine after each show.

We rigorously exercised the dogs to maintain their daily routine after each show. What did you do with your dog?


Our weeklong nightly culinary adventure has also been a wild ride. Korean food scored the lowest on Tuesday. It was extremely hot (spicy) and relatively tasteless food, we had a long wait at the table and an awful waiter. Dining at the“Outback”  on Wednesday, was a great testament to everything that is wrong with chain restaurants. I was also disappointed with the Turkish restaurant when comparing it to other Turkish places from the past. Even though the veranda of the restaurant was cozy, some smokers certainly “smoked” our experience. The Thai and Indian dinners were our default cuisines Friday and Saturday. Our “last supper” with almost all Pumi people present was a final and long awaited big bang at the cozy Cafe TuTu Tango. We got together to celebrate Marylin Funke’s birthday and the closing of Eukanuba week in Orlando. We got great food, great atmosphere and fast and pleasant servers. TuTu Tango was simply a nice hip restaurant with music and art works by new and emerging artists.

Egysegben az ero (you have to figure this out by yourself...)

“Egysegben az era” (you have to figure this out by yourself…)

Over the week, we have tightened our friendship with Marilyn Funke, owner of Catskill Csobanka, who has shown Kaffogo Agyag and won BOB at the KCUSA Open show on Friday. She also showed Catskill Csinszka on two occasions and she was also very helpful in changing dogs, and entry numbers between the different classes.  Thank you Marilyn!

Marika Foreman has also been there for us helping whenever she could each moment of the week, just like family. Thank you Marika and congratulations to Bikfic’s two BOB wins!

Paul Foreman’s faithful photographing of the five days, provided all Pumi aficionados here in the U.S. and abroad a chance to sit at the virtual ringside and experience the shows each day.

Catskill Csobanka, the next generation

Catskill Csobanka – the next generation

Happy Birthday Mr. President! Oops... correction, Happy Birthday Marilyn!

Happy Birthday Mr. President! Oops… correction, Happy Birthday Marilyn!

One of the nicest persons we got to know closer this week, was Aida Dungan who won BOB of The Eukanuba National” with her Pumi, Pushkin on Sunday. She is funny, pleasant and always cheerful. Hope to see you soon Aida.

I cancelled Direct TV last year because I barely watched it. Staying in Orlando, I could watch my favorite show again, put up by Nurse Jackie. Boy, I did miss her…  Did I really…?

i canceled Direct TV so when I go to dog shows I am always happy to see this character.

I canceled Direct TV, so when I go to dog shows It always cracks me up to watch this character.

Next year this time, the Pumi will already be part of the AKC “major league,” in the herding group. Hopefully it will be judged accordingly.

Roadside Drunks, Stray Horses, Crazy Pulis And Pumis – Destination Orlando Florida

December 7, 2014

Goofy is ready for the big annual dog show...

Goofy is ready for the big show…


Today I woke up the sun. He slept in it was Sunday...

Today I woke up the sun. He overslept , I gave him a break it was Sunday…

It is that time of the year again, Eukanuba National 2014 in Orlando, Florida.  I packed the truck last night, washed the dogs and went to bed early. The alarm woke me at 2:30AM and we were rolling down the icy drive way in the cold and dark by 3:30AM.  I am always anxious to drive on Rt-28 in the dark.  Deers crossing, drunken pedestrians walking along the dark road and sometimes abandoned vehicles can create unexpected road hazards late in the nights and early mornings.

And yes indeed, just like any other early Sunday morning in the Catskills, I passed two heavily gesticulating drunken men and further down the road three horses trotting on the center line of the dark road in their nice cozy horse blankets. I guess, someone somewhere left the gate open… Perhaps the two drunks whom I saw earlier?

Agyag and Anka are blocking the door "no more stuff in the car..."

Agyag and Anka are giving some dirty looks while blocking the door “no more stuff in the car…”


Marika just discovered some room in the car for both of us (Anka looks disappointed she hoped for a "dogs  only" road trip)

After loading the car, Marika discovered some room  for both of us (Anka looks disappointed she hoped for a “dogs only” road trip)


I arrived to Marika’s house in New Jersey before 7AM. We loaded all the dogs and my stuff in her car and we were on our way to Maryland.

We arrived to Cherie and Charlie Green-Johnson’s home at  11:00 for a short visit and to groom Fitz, one of our B-litter Pumis.  We were happy to meet again and I was grateful to see what a loving home Fitz has and how happy he has been with his two Puli friends.

While grooming Fitz, our Pumis and Cherie’s two Pulis , Winston and Sophie reorganized the house.

Although, the lunch invitation was tempting, we had to say goodbye and hit the road to be able to finish the planned first leg of the road.  We had eleven more hours ahead of us to get to Charleston, SC.

Stupid Quiz #1 (while driving to Florida)

Question: what do Catskill Pumis and George Washington have in Common?

Answer: They all crossed the Delaware…

Then...George Washington Crossing the Delaware

Then…George Washington Crossing the Delaware

Contemporary Crossing  of the Delaware...

Now… Pumis Crossing the Delaware…

Marika at the wheel
Marika at the wheel


zipping under Baltimore Harbor.  Feels like time travel.

zipping under Baltimore Harbor. Feels like time travel.




Pumi Tank Visiting Catskill Pumis

September 30, 2014

savory dinner, great wine full bodied IPA and great conversation make time fly...

savory dinner, great wine, full bodied IPA and great conversation make time fly…

We’ve gotten surprise visitors today.  Chris and Tom Levy of Abiqua Pumik, made a quick stop to visit us in Delhi, NY, while on their Pumi promotional/educational cross country trip.  We’ve had a great evening with fast flowing Pumi conversation during dinner.

The traveling Abiqua Pumis, all eight of them…! have also enjoyed a great romp on the horse pasture, rolling jumping and wrestling in the fall grass.

Time has gone fast, and it has past 10 PM when we looked at the clock the first time. Chris and Tom had to go because they had to meet family in Hunter, NY.  We sadly said good bye, however, decided to meet in two weeks in  West Springfield, Massachusetts,  to put up one of the biggest Pumi shows on the East Coast.

The Traveling Pumi Tank driven by Chris and Tom Levy across the country promoting and educating judges and breeders about our wonderful breed the PUMI.

The Traveling Pumi Tank driven by Chris and Tom Levy across the country promoting and educating judges and breeders about our wonderful breed the PUMI.

Spontaneous visits are always motivating. After hearing the news of our visitors,  Laszlo dove into one of the chest freezers to pull out some home grown “echte” GoatSheepShop lamb stew for an original “Szekely Kaposzta” that loosely translates as “Szekely Cabbage.”

FYI, Szekely is a Hungarian ethnic group living in Transylvania – sort of… (it is complicated…) and Cabbage (Brassica oleracea or variants) is a vegetable – as you probably know.  To be more precise, you have to make the stew with Sauerkraut.

Although, fancy cookbooks have some truly frivolous recipes for this iconic Transylvanian stew, I suggest that if you want to get the authentic stuff, than you try this. You won’t regret it and your dinner party will not only survive a twenty four-hour news cycle,  but your friends, most likely will post your memorable dinner on Facebook.

On medium flame, saute a finely chopped red onion in Canola oil until it turns slightly golden, lower flame, add a spoon full of sweet red paprika, stir well and add some water to prevent it from burning, add stew meat  (traditional recipes call for mix of pork and beef. We use our own shetland lamb stew because it cooks fast remains tender and although it is a lean meat does not get saggy or dry) and slowly cook under lid on medium heat until meat browns.  Add rosemary  grind black pepper,  bay leaves, winter savory, salt and caraway seed.

Caraway is a magical fruit. One unidentified quote calls it “the cure of every disease except death.”  It is also called “Persian cumin,” that can easily make it the secret spice behind the tales of “The Arabian NIghts.” (Talking of Persia, it really makes this spice/fruit a truly odd crossroads of Zoroastroism and anti flatulence because of caraway’s anti flatulent properties).

To continue the recipe, Cook the meat and spices on medium flame, stir add water if needed. when meat is almost cooked, add drained sauerkraut, stir well and  add some of the juice of the sauerkraut to keep liquid over meat.  Do not overcook sauerkraut.  Add cooked rice to give body and to absorb some of the liquid.  We prefer Jasmati or other non-sticky rice.  Serve it with sour cream.

This dish goes well with light white wines, like Gruner Veltliner from Austria. Serve it chilled and always plenty.  Enjoy…