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The Vagabond News from the Garden State

October 8, 2013

We’ve gotten the latest news from Csibesz and his family, Marika and Paul from New Jersey.  The lose translation of Csibesz is “Vagabond.” Here, I share you Marika’s summary of the past week with their new Catskill Pumi.

“Csibész is growing and learning beautifully and amazes us daily by his ability and personality.
Paul got home from India Sunday morning, after a 9 day long absence. Since Csibész has only known Paul for 5 days before Paul’s departure, we were both suprised and pleased to see the wonderful welcome Csibész gave him. His tail was waging non-stop most of the day much to Paul’s amusement and joy.

 "How  long I have to wait for that...?"

“How long I have to wait for that…?”


"No I am not destroying your garden, I am learning to be a Botanist."

“No I am not destroying your garden, I am learning to be a Botanist.”



" In my best  behavior - as always..."

” In my best behavior – as always…”

Csibész now knows and obeys the following commands: COME, SIT, DOWN and LET’S Go POTTY. When I give him his meals, he waits until I tell him EAT before he attacks his food. There is no doubt in our minds that he is an extremely brilliant pup, and that he will continue to be fun to train and play with. I hope that he will prove his brilliance by quickly leaning not to chew on our trouser legs. He thinks it is great fun, and I only manage to stop him by distracting him with a thrown ball. Ball always trumps pants’ legs.

Speaking of playing, we spend s few hours outdoors, as the multiple insect bites on my face and arms can arrest to. He loves to fetch balls, although he does not yet want to follow through the DROP IT command when I want to take the ball from him in order to throw it again. And boy, does he loves to run!  When Paul got home Sunday morning at 5:40 in the morning, we stood about 50 feet apart calling him. His speed was astounding. We thought that our fox terrier was fast, but Csibész could easily put Usain Bolt to shame. WOW! What a dog!

Today Csibész visited his vet. Needless to say that the receptionists, nurses and the doctor were all taken by him. Neither of them saw a pumi before and were very pleased to meet one, even though, he embarrassed himself by going potty after his nasal and oral drops. It seems that the excitement was too much for him. I will take him back on the 17th so he could get the rest of his shots. He grew a lot during the last couple of weeks and weighed in at 10.5 pounds, which I believe is about twice of his weight when he came home with us. The vet thinks that he will end up around 30 pounds.”

What a lucky pup. Good boy Csibesz!