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The Schengen Terrier….

June 20, 2018

The Schengen Terrier

A composite picture of the elusive Schengen Terrier…No one has ever really seen it and no one has ever cleaned up after him…

I have a bad news for U.S. puppy millers, there is no such a breed as the Schengen Terrier on the AKC’s FSS list.  Also, the Schengen Terrier is not an umbrella term for liberal European dog laws allowing dogs pretty much do anything on the continent.

Countries covered by the Schengen Agreement

Countries covered by the Schengen Agreement

Well, yes, it is true, dog laws are pretty relaxed across the pond, comparing to the United States.  Some of the crazy stories what you’ve heard that pooches are allowed in restaurants, on public transportation and beaches are partially also true, however, they are controlled by no-nonsense animal  laws.

So than what is this Schengen thing anyway? Actually, it has nothing to do with dogs, however, by now, I think you are curious enough to read about it. http://www.loc.gov/law/foreign-news/article/european-union-schengen-area-and-re-introduction-of-border-controls/

The point is that the  Schengen Agreement is like an European dog law.  It spells out where you and your dog are permitted to go under the laws of the Union, however, it might be too generous and generates more mess than expected…

It is really upto the store owner what pet is allowed in the store

It is really upto the store owner what pet is allowed in the store or restaurant.

So I am back at the original crime scene with Anka for over a week now. Have checked in with some friends and family, visited government offices and other public places always taking Anka along.

Anka in the restaurant evidently she is covered under the Schengen Terrier Agreement

Anka in the restaurant. Evidently she is covered under the Schengen Terrier Agreement


Did you know that…

…in Hungary, a three months old pup needs to be registered whithin its local jurisdiction? Vets have to report each dog’s microchip and vaccinations to a central  national database. TO complicate matters however, local governments can have their own additional “dog laws.”

Dogs are allowed free in back yards, only, if it is fenced in.

Dogs must be leashed in public, dogs cannot enter to play grounds, untrained and vicious dogs must be muzzled in public.

Doggy Esperanto

Doggy Esperanto

Dogs can run free in designated areas, however, untrained, vicious dogs must have their muzzle kept on while off leash.

Every dogs must be leashed and muzzled(!)  on public transportations. (They can take public transportation)

Dogs cannot bother neighbors, (good luck with your Pumi that is kept outside) and one’s property must be fenced in if dogs kept outside. Small dogs have to have a minimum 10m2 area and no shorter than 6 meters long chain  and a dog house. Larger dogs have to be kept within a minimum 15m2 area. with no shorter than an 8 meters long chain and a dry shelter.

If  one owns a “mean breed,” a clearly visible sign must be posted at the entrance of the property that there are guard dogs on the premises.

To recover lost dogs from shelters, the owners must present proof of vaccinations and microchip.  Dogs are allowed to put down by law if no one claims or adopts them after two weeks.

Breeders need the local major’s office permission to start a kennel.

Sandboxes at playgrounds are regularly checked for toxicity... One of the most frequent complaint is dog poop in the sand box

Sandboxes at playgrounds are regularly checked for toxicity… According to official surveys, one of the most frequent complaints is dog poop in sand boxes.

Dogs are strictly prohibited to enter…  schools, daycare centers, social and cultural facilities,  government offices that are open for the public (e.g. DMV)

In the same time, dogs cannot be tied up outside (in front of stores, government offices etc. (while the owner takes care of business) without supervision.

If you are planning to buy a coop in Hungary, the good news is that the  coop board cannot oppose keeping dogs in your apartment.

…and do not forget to pick up after your dog!

Penalties: No registration 165 Euro, no leash 35 Euro Your dog kills another dog and you are a no show at the court, your penalty is 350 Euro. Beyond that, no-one really cares and you cannot be jailed.

Why do I bother to tell you all about these things? Because I’ve been visiting a bunch of government offices, banks and other public places in Budapest and I’ve been taking Anka along. The good thing is that no one really cares about pet laws and restriction as long as you have such a cute and well behaving dog as Anka.

farm dog visiting big city dwelling...

farm dog visiting big city dwelling…

I’ve also taken her to stores and restaurants, (where she was even fed,) The waiters and clerks at all locations have given in to the “Anka Pressure” and let her to come in. Of course, Anka’s behavior has always been exemplary at any establishments.

After we’ve finished all the official stuff I had to take care of, we’ve had some serious dog fun in the City. We also had some quiet… agility time at the  “Pilisi Kutya Iskola” training facility. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yswtxyX8kl0

To be continued…


What a small world. It was funny to read about St Elisabeth, a Hungarian Saint. I was commissioned to build a mural for the Chicago St Elisabeth Church back in the early 1990's

Went to see an outdoor exhibition in Budapest. What a small world… It was funny to read about St Elisabeth, the Hungarian Saint.  I was commissioned to build a ceramics mural for the Chicago St Elisabeth Church back in 1991

It can happen only in America

It can happen only in America…a Hungarian ethnic German former Catholic nun’s daughter originally from Transylvania is commissioned to design and build an exterior mural for a black Catholic church in Chicago,  named after a Hungarian Saint, Saint Elizabeth



Fun with the dogs...went for a hike to the popular "Harmashaterhegy" hiking area on the outskirt of Budapest. It is actually part of Budapest with Metro Area transportation to and from the City

Fun with the dogs…went for a hike to the popular “Harmashaterhegy” hiking area on the outskirt of Budapest. It is actually part of Budapest’s 2nd and 3rd district  with Metro Area transportation to and from the City

The mobile and police communication tower at "Harmashatar-hegy"

The major transmission tower for mobile carriers and police communication at “Harmashatar-hegy”

Cannot remember the leash laws...

Cannot remember the leash laws…

Andrea teaching geology and rock formation to the dogs.

Andrea teaches geology and rock formation to the dogs.

"Harmashater-hegy is home of the "glider plane's airport for many decades

“Harmashater-hegy is home of the “glider plane’s airport for 50-60 years

the popular cogwheel train taking tourists and their dogs up to the popular hiking area.

the popular cogwheel train taking tourists and their dogs up to the popular hiking area, the “Harmashatar Hegy.”

Andrea Csilla Szabo and her dog Sio at the

Andrea Csilla Szabo and her dog Sio at the “Pilisi Kutya Iskola”






WTF…?! (World Trade Fenter…)

February 19, 2016

The four-day long FeHoVa International Winter Show has begun at HUNGEXPO, the Budapest International Exposition site yesterday. The show is becoming a rather peculiar event.

There have been 25 Pumis from 13 kennels and 4 countries yesterday.  The judge was Mrs. Szabo, Katalin Ivanyi.  Kaffogo Agyag placed second in her class with Excellent 2 and Res. CACIB. Well done Agyag!!


Excellent 2 Res. CACIB good job Agyag!

Excellent 2 Res. CACIB good job Agyag!

Before I start to tell today’s bizarre experience in the ring with judge Mr. Istvan Laszlo, Let me congratulate to Nyirsegfia Tuske/Pityke/ BOB and Heczendorfer Jozsef, his owner/handler.

To make the story short, I’ve noticed that Mr. Istvan, the judge, has made some not exactly complimentary statements about a fawn (fako) male Pumi  to the dog’s owner in the ring earlier. He also asked the handler/owner of the same dog that who was the breeder of the dog.  When later we walked into the ring, he also asked me whether Agyag’s breeder was the same person as the fawn Pumi dog’s earlier. I told him that no, my bitch comes from a different kennel.

IMG_4469.JPG Excellent 1

Excellent 1 No CACIB… reason, Bitch in heat! I am pleased with the description but to deny a dog  of CACIB and to advance further because she is in heat, that is kind of…

Judge Istvan overall complimented Agyag and gave her first place in the Class,  “Excellent one, ” however, withheld the CACIB from Agyag by saying, “I cannot give her the CACIB because she is in heat….” (it is on her official written record)  Mr. Istvan Laszlo also did not allow Agyag to advance and enter the ring for the BOB title, even though, she won her class.

I admit, I was unpleasantly surprised. I looked at him, and nonchalantly told him that, how funny this was because three years ago this was not an issue when he, Mr. Istvan Laszlo selected Agyag to be the first Junior Raisits Cup winner in a much larger competition and Agyag, was in heat just like today. He stared at me with wide eyes and open mouth, (I think his tonsils have been removed..)and after a short pause he composed himself again and said, “yes, but she was close to finishing it back than…”

Nyirsegfia Tuske BOB today,

Nyirsegfia Tuske BOB today,

Since we did not have to show again, thanks to the judge, it gave me plenty of time to check the FCI rule book. I copied out the relevant sections for our situation. below is the direct copy of those sections.


…Bitches on heat are allowed to participate subject to the show regulations of the organisers.


…CACIB – Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat International de Beauté de la FCI

The only dogs which can be taken into consideration for the CACIB are those which have been awarded “EXCELLENT 1st”. A CACIB can only be awarded if the dog in question has been assessed as being of superior quality. The CACIB is not automatically and compulsorily linked to the “EXCELLENT 1st”.


So yes, indeed, he has the right to withhold the CACIB, even though, the dog got Excellent 1 and won her class.  The rule book does not give examples of reasons why the judge might withheld the International Certificate.  The unfortunate part is that he also withheld the Res. CACIB from Annika Linden’s dog, Akkinaz Rams who got Excellent 2 and second place.  He won our class and also BOS yesterday.

To be clear, I am not questioning the fact that Mr. Istvan withheld the CACIB because he has the right to do that.  What I do not understand  is, his reasoning, that “the dog was in heat.” He did not say  and wrote that she was not a “superior quality” for the following reasons…(and listing the reasons.) He said that the bitch was in heat and that’s why she cannot get CACIB and go for the BOB.  The rule book clearly says that “…Bitches on heat are allowed to participate subject to the show regulations of the organizers “ based on the information at the time when I checked, there was no stipulations by the organizers that while bitches in heat can enter the conformation show, they cannot earn CACIB and advance for the BOB title (because they are in heat.) I am not sure that when a bitch is in heat what that has to do with her conformation. (I think it is safe to say  Mr.  Istvan Laszlo  would not vote for Hillary Clinton for the same reason… but that one is for another blog…)

This story might finally makes me one of  the “official” whiners and complainers of the Pumi breed, (now internationally too,) but you know what, someone has to stand up and ask the uncomfortable questions for the integrity of the “game” while the rest  of the group hide quietly in the bushes.  By the way, those in the bushes, watch out  for dog poops.

Murphy’s Law

December 15, 2015


Catskill Badger and Laszlo in the ring

Catskill Badger and Laszlo in the ring

What a week we’ve had during The Eukanuba National in Orlando Florida. The Catskill Pumis and their close cohort, Kaffogo Agyag have entered five shows and collected three BOB, one BOS, five BBE, five Best 6-9 months old Puppy Dog, three Best 6-9 months old Puppy bitch titles and several additional placements. Yay…!

Ildiko and Catskill Csinszka sharming the judge and spectators

Ildiko and Catskill Csinszka charming the judge and spectators

We’ve been coming to show in conformation to The Eukanuba National for four years. This year we had the largest Catskill Pumi turnout, with seven Pumis and we are proud of them all, especially the three pups from our C-litter, Csobanka, Csinszka and Csoma aka Badger.  By the time the Pumi enters the herding group next July, they will be the sharks of the conformation ring.

What have changed s

What has changed for the Pumi at Eukanuba over the years? Honestly, not too much. Inconsistent judging is still one of the most disturbing aspects of showing the Pumi in the US.

What has changed for the Pumi at Eukanuba over the years? Honestly not too much. Still inconsistent, sometimes substandard judging (I am simply puzzled why a judge need to ask the handler at the table, “how is the correct tail setting…?”) This is not to take away anything from the winners’ achievements, however, after ten years it is obvious that judges have lots more to learn about the Pumi.

Another thing I noticed that some handlers kept initiating chit-chats with the judge while stacking their dogs on the table.  I could never figure it out for what reason? I wonder whether they have had an ulterior motive…? Also, there have been some friendly fires in the ring (what happened to sportsmanship…?) and  of course the usual ringside tackling.

Standing tall... Aida Dungan and  in the Miscellaneous group during The Eukanuba National.

Standing tall… Aida Dungan and Pushkin in the Miscellaneous group during The Eukanuba National.


After ten years of Pumi history, in the United States, I am still not sure why dogs with obvious disqualifying conformation need to be shown. Trust me, I love them all equally, but some just do not qualify for the conformation ring. In my opinion, it reflects bad on the breed and all  breeders. If you remember my blogs from Finland two years ago, I noted that reputable Finnish breeders would rather not show if they do not have show quality dogs to enter.


Each dog showing at The Eukanuba National deserves its “fifteen minutes” to get a full and fair judging.

The judging during the actual Eukanuba National, I think, was quite disrespectful to all Pumi exhibitors in the Miscellaneous Breed’s ring on Sunday. The judge, Mr. Murphy, showed up 45(!) minutes late and then sorted through the breed in seconds without properly examining the dogs. He did not allow time for stacking the dogs on the table and did not look most dogs’ structure,  barely the bites. He did not let the dogs show in full circle and on the diagonal in the ring in order to catch up with the time. (Even if he has the right to do that  according to the rule book, hey this was The Eukanuba National where each dog who showed up there deserves its “fifteen minutes” to have a fair chance to be fully examined and judged.)  Another annoying surprise and significant delay was that in the “Open Bitch Class” where there were only two bitches in the judge’s book out of the five entered the show. It took additional long minutes to sort out the entry list.

Huhh... no comment

Huhh… no comment


The highlight of the chaotic judging was, when entering the ring for the 6-9 months Puppy Bitch Class, the judge walked up to me during the first going around before even reaching to the table to stack Csinszka(!) and declared her as the winner of the 6-9 months old “Puppy Dog” Class.… (!?!?!) He looked quite confused when I told him that this was the 6-9 months Puppy Bitch NOT  Puppy Dog Class. He did not care too much, simply brushed it off saying, “I guess I am a bit confused…” I wonder what the other handler felt behind me in the ring.  Those of you who missed it, Mr Murphy was also the center of discussion last year on FaceBook when judging the Pumi at one of the open shows here at The Eukanuba National.

But enough of the drama and congratulations to last day’s winners, Aida Dungan with Pushkin, BOB and Ginger Butler with Lyric BOS!

The week went fast and I think we did not realize how much we worked to groom the dogs for the shows and properly exercise them daily at Cocoa Beach and Lake Baldwin Park  to pull through the week. We also visited our Orlando Florida Pumi, Catskill Csaszar aka “ZEKE” and his family.

Visiting Catskill CSaszar aka Zeke and his family the Larkins in Orlando Florida, if you believe in reincarnation this is to place be a dog in your next life.

Visiting Catskill CSaszar aka Zeke and his family the Larkins in Orlando Florida. If you believe in reincarnation this is the place to be a Pumi in your next life.

We rigorously exercised the dogs to maintain their daily routine after each show.

We rigorously exercised the dogs to maintain their daily routine after each show. What did you do with your dog?


Our weeklong nightly culinary adventure has also been a wild ride. Korean food scored the lowest on Tuesday. It was extremely hot (spicy) and relatively tasteless food, we had a long wait at the table and an awful waiter. Dining at the“Outback”  on Wednesday, was a great testament to everything that is wrong with chain restaurants. I was also disappointed with the Turkish restaurant when comparing it to other Turkish places from the past. Even though the veranda of the restaurant was cozy, some smokers certainly “smoked” our experience. The Thai and Indian dinners were our default cuisines Friday and Saturday. Our “last supper” with almost all Pumi people present was a final and long awaited big bang at the cozy Cafe TuTu Tango. We got together to celebrate Marylin Funke’s birthday and the closing of Eukanuba week in Orlando. We got great food, great atmosphere and fast and pleasant servers. TuTu Tango was simply a nice hip restaurant with music and art works by new and emerging artists.

Egysegben az ero (you have to figure this out by yourself...)

“Egysegben az era” (you have to figure this out by yourself…)

Over the week, we have tightened our friendship with Marilyn Funke, owner of Catskill Csobanka, who has shown Kaffogo Agyag and won BOB at the KCUSA Open show on Friday. She also showed Catskill Csinszka on two occasions and she was also very helpful in changing dogs, and entry numbers between the different classes.  Thank you Marilyn!

Marika Foreman has also been there for us helping whenever she could each moment of the week, just like family. Thank you Marika and congratulations to Bikfic’s two BOB wins!

Paul Foreman’s faithful photographing of the five days, provided all Pumi aficionados here in the U.S. and abroad a chance to sit at the virtual ringside and experience the shows each day.

Catskill Csobanka, the next generation

Catskill Csobanka – the next generation

Happy Birthday Mr. President! Oops... correction, Happy Birthday Marilyn!

Happy Birthday Mr. President! Oops… correction, Happy Birthday Marilyn!

One of the nicest persons we got to know closer this week, was Aida Dungan who won BOB of The Eukanuba National” with her Pumi, Pushkin on Sunday. She is funny, pleasant and always cheerful. Hope to see you soon Aida.

I cancelled Direct TV last year because I barely watched it. Staying in Orlando, I could watch my favorite show again, put up by Nurse Jackie. Boy, I did miss her…  Did I really…?

i canceled Direct TV so when I go to dog shows I am always happy to see this character.

I canceled Direct TV, so when I go to dog shows It always cracks me up to watch this character.

Next year this time, the Pumi will already be part of the AKC “major league,” in the herding group. Hopefully it will be judged accordingly.