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Breeding Plans with Purpose

We Are Excited To Announce The Arrival Of Two New Catskill Pumi Litters

Catskill Becsi Barsony X Catskill Iszkiri Ignac

Catskill Finnyas Fani X MayaLu’s Everet

These litters have been in the making  for years.

Barsony in delirium with her eight new pups

Barsony in delirium with her eight new pups

Fani is a first time mom. protective and extremely detail oriented

Fani is a first time mom.

Catskill Barsony is a once in a lifetime dog, with an exceptional conformation, outstanding temperament, serious drive, and the love for farm work.

She is the daughter of  the “mythical” Nyirsegfia Penge whom everybody has talked about in Europe, however, only a few people have actually seen him. However, we’ve had a privilege to use him as a stud back in 2016. Penge had been a leased  farm dog near the Ukranian border in the sparsely populated “puszta” or prairie part of Hungary at the time of our visit. Unfortunately, soon after to the mating to our bitch, Fruska, he was poisoned.  During the short time between breeding to our Felallo Fulu Fruska,  and before his death he has left several other bitches barren.  His outstanding conformation, dream temperament, working background, relatively unique blood line and the tragic fact that he was bred only twice, has given us a litter that is a rear gem in the Pumi world.

Ignac, the sire of the litter, is one of the offsprings of  two imports, Cseri-Subas Fuvola x Hegyvidek Eke Geszte the foundation sire and bitch of  our “White Pumi Project”  that we’ve inherited from the legendary late Hungarian Gold Standard Breeder,  Istvan Menyhart. He has trusted us with these two wonderful dogs before he’s died.

This “white project” has become the third (an extension) line of our breeding program via Ignac.

Fani is the daughter of our Grand Champion Gold, first ever Best of Breed Winner Pumi at Westminster, and two-time BOB winner of the Annual Royal Canin AKC National Championship (formerly Eukanuba) in Orlando, FL.

Fani has incredible drive with a perfect off switch. She does agility and lure coursing and also work on the farm, herding sheep.

Our Collaboration with MayaLu’s Pumik has been produced some wonderful specimen with great stamina, drive and conformation.  Naturally, we wanted to continue working with MayaLu’s Pumik again.

Everet, the sire of the litter, is the brother of Chuckles whom we’ve already used for another breeding projects. Their father, Krieger has been a US National Agility Team member with Karen Beaty-Massey. We are expecting the pups to become well rounded for sport, conformation shows or to become exceptional pets to enhance their owners’ quality of life.