The Catskill Pumis and Climate Science

Photo Feb 21, 12 10 32 PM

Phil, the corrupt ground hog rubbing shoulders with imperialist environmental polluters…

February 21, 2015

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who can take this cold and insane amount of snow anymore. We need to slow climate change…

Rising sea level, punctured ozone layer, melting polar icecap and ocean acidification are among the many symptoms of the accelerating rate of climate change.

It also has an effect on the Catskill Pumis on a personal level. The last couple of years, we’ve had longer, harsher and snowier winters than in the past.  It has been predicted that our area, the Catskill Mountain Park in NY, will be receiving up to fifty per cent more precipitation annually in the next decade.  It is time to weak up folks, climate change has become a reality. We might soon see the days when polar bears knock on our doors and ask us to let them float in our afternoon double bourbons on the rocks to reminisc…

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a crucial scientific evidence that the Pumis found in identifying the source of long winters and climate change…


While politicians, scientists, corporations and disenfranchised yourselves are up in arms, fighting over the truth and argue over solutions to stop mankind’s demise, the Pumis  has also grown increasingly inpatient in the frigid temperature and deep snow up here in the Catskills.

Environmentalists and economists are arguing over paper towel vs. hand dryer, and try to negotiate slow politically correct solutions, such as changing our behaviors and voluntary emission reduction overtime among other nonsense. In contrast, the Pumis,  have concluded that there is only one creature  to be blamed for these longer and meaner winters, the God Father of climate change, Phil of Punxsutawney, PA, the groundhog…

By using scientific methods, observation, data collection and thinking outside of the box, they deducted that our current winter has intensified due to the irresponsible action of Phil on February 2, 2015.  During their investigations they’ve also found evidence that climate change, long winters and certain bearish tendencies of the stock market are clearly correlated.

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classified reconnaissance photo…

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Phil the groundhog’s compound at Gobbler’s Knob – classified reconnaissance photo

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Phil is captured in a dramatic action… (classified photo)



Winter has been long and exhausting. The Pumis need to herd, run and play that is nearly impossible to do in the big snow and in often subzero temperature.

The main question has been; can Phil, the groundhog be convinced that he should not go back to his burrow on February 2 anymore  so winter can be shortened and climate change slown in the future?   Finally, the Pumis all agreed that they cannot take the risk anymore; they unanimously said “NO” to dog booties and dog coats… the breed got to the point of no return…

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“Geronimo is down…” (classified photo)


Last we’ve heard from unidentified sources that a Pum anti-vermin task force has been created under the name, “Zero, Bark Dirty”  and have been embarked for Punxutawney, PA…

Disclaimer:  No groundhog has been harmed or mistreated while writing this blog entry – if you ask me…  (however, I am not responsible for the actions of the Pumis…)

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Phil…? (the end of climate change or at least this long winter…?)