The Kuli Report

October 3, 2013

We wanted to know how Kuli the Pumi has been handling his new life in the People’s Republic of Canada. It turns out that there might be some truth in the saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

According to little Kuli, all the Tea Party fear mongering about Canadian Socialism turned out to be empty barks. Bones have plenty of marrow in them and bacon has more than enough fat to grease an entire nation’s arteries.  Well, many things might be subsidized and regulated in Canada, but do not forget, the U.S. also has stupid leash laws designed by politicians and no dogs have ever been asked or interviewed about them.

Little Kuli the Pumi has also started learning about ice hockey.  He takes his lessons slowly (no rush, education is less expensive and also subsidized in Canada and no political party plans to raise the interest rates on any student loans…) Currently, Kuli has been familiarizing himself with the ice itself, but witness it by yourself in the video below.

The most important thing is however,  that little Kuli the Pumi, won’t be a second class canine citizen and labeled as “MISCALLENAOUS” in Canada. He will be an equal player, a REAL PUMI,  according to the rules of the CKC.

“But what about the Quebecers?” little Kuli the Pumi was asked. He scratched his neck, (he still getting used to his collar) and said, “hey this is a multi-lingual country where people and dogs appreciate diversity and they can get along.  I guess, French Canadians simply will address me as Küli la petite Pümi…”

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