The Name Issue…

August 2, 2013 PM/2

And yes, there is the name challenge…  Hungarian breeds, traditionally get funny Hungarian names that tend to irritate the hell out of  American veterinary staffs.  On the top of it, there is the obligation of the “alphabet” litter naming.  One have to be not only original but also have to comply with the alphabet rule/tradition.

So we’ve come up with a loophole. Here are the names;

Red Female, “Apacatancos Anka

Purple Female “ACsecsebecse Ara

Yellow Male “AKulipintyos Ag

Blue Male “APityokas Alpar

Green Male “ACsinnadrattas Acel

Orange Male “AFityfirittyes Asz

Most of these words come from the language of the Transylvanian Hungarian “Szekely” ethnic group.  The call names in Red, however, are pure old Hungarian names.

So follow your favorite pup…