We’ve been offering a unique socialized country boarding experience for the friendly New York City and vicinity urban dogs since 1997 (formerly known as Tailwagger NY.) Visiting dogs play on safely fenced large fields and wood lands. During inclement weather, we have our heated and air conditioned converted barn to play in. Dogs sleep in and are fed in individual cubicles. 


Q Do I need a reservation for my dog?

A Yes, it is necessary, due to our highly popular program and the strictly pre-screened limited number of dogs we accept. Reservation can only be made with credit card information provided and full charges processed.

Q Do you require vaccination for all dogs?

A Yes, of course. Every dog accepted, must have its updated vaccination record from its veterinarian.

Q How do you prevent parasites?

A Flee and tick prevention is mandatory because of our upstate location and the numerous activities outside. Any dog showing signs of parasites will immediately go through a mandatory flea/tick treatment. We reserve the right to refuse any dog.

Q Can I send my dog’s favorite toys?

A Sorry, no need for toys from home. We have a line of high quality, safe, interactive dog toys.

Q What about food?

A The safest thing is to give your dog its own food. We ask every owner to pack the food in zip-lock bags for each day with your dog’s name and feeding instructions.

Q How do you avoid dogfights in a socialized setting?

A First of all, our dogs are pre-screened and dogs are always supervised during exercise time.

Q Where is my dog going to sleep?

A The dogs sleep in the heated, air-conditioned and video monitored “dog house.”
Since the activities and daytime interactions of socialized boarding are very demanding on the dogs, it is important that they get plenty of rest, and a distraction free secure place to eat. Therefore, dogs sleep and are fed separately in crates and “cubicals.” Dogs from same households can be “roommated” only by specific request of the owners.

Q What are your pick up and drop off days?

A Pick up and drop off days are Monday and Thursday each week.

Q What about long weekends and holidays?

A When Monday is a holiday, or during a given boarding period when we are unusually busy, we reserve the right to an earlier pick up and a later drop off. In case of such a situation, owners will be notified in advance.

Q So, after all, how do I know if this is the right place for my dog?

A First of all you will be asked to fill out an interview form. Your answers to our questions will help clarify our understanding your dog’s social behavior.
Second, we always encourage prospective clients to arrange a visit with us upstate. Even though, we can only spend a very limited time with visitors, because of our busy schedule, it is certainly worth checking out our retreat. If you are unable to visit us, we will send you digital photos and raw unedited short videos about your dog’s activity with us.
So if you are planning a vacation without your dog, and you want him spending a worry free and fun-filled time while you are away, give us a call for an early reservation.

Q What is your cancellation policy?

A In order for a full refund, you need to cancel your dog’s reservation seven days before the scheduled pick up date. You may e-mail your cancellation to one of the listed e-mail addresses.
In case of less than the required seven-day cancellation, you may choose:

a) to rebook your dog for a future boarding date (arrangement can be done later). In this case we hold the full amount as a deposit for the next desired boarding, or,

b) have your money refunded, less the $100 cancellation fee.

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