The Breed that is Cool As a Cucumber

December 29, 2013

On the top of her career...

On the top of her career…

We’ve been back from Florida for close to two weeks and life is back to normal.  Winter, snow storms, farm chores, holidays, and Beginner’s Agility training with renewed enthusiasm after Eukanuba 2013.

Since we are back, everyone looks at Fruska with increased curiosity (at least I wish to think so…)

weaving a rug ...sorry the poles

weaving a rug …I mean the poles


…on the high road

Today, again,  we drove through serious ice/snow storm to make it to our practice to Kingston 1 1/2 hours away.  When I was on the court with Fruska,  I think it was more quiet around and more eyes were locked on us than before the Eukanuba 2013 Invitational Agility Championship.



She is not called the cute curly dog anymore, she is “The Pumi….”

taking the "Tube" to Kingston

taking the “Tube” to Kingston bye bye…


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