Roadside Drunks, Stray Horses, Crazy Pulis And Pumis – Destination Orlando Florida

December 7, 2014

Goofy is ready for the big annual dog show...

Goofy is ready for the big show…


Today I woke up the sun. He slept in it was Sunday...

Today I woke up the sun. He overslept , I gave him a break it was Sunday…

It is that time of the year again, Eukanuba National 2014 in Orlando, Florida.  I packed the truck last night, washed the dogs and went to bed early. The alarm woke me at 2:30AM and we were rolling down the icy drive way in the cold and dark by 3:30AM.  I am always anxious to drive on Rt-28 in the dark.  Deers crossing, drunken pedestrians walking along the dark road and sometimes abandoned vehicles can create unexpected road hazards late in the nights and early mornings.

And yes indeed, just like any other early Sunday morning in the Catskills, I passed two heavily gesticulating drunken men and further down the road three horses trotting on the center line of the dark road in their nice cozy horse blankets. I guess, someone somewhere left the gate open… Perhaps the two drunks whom I saw earlier?

Agyag and Anka are blocking the door "no more stuff in the car..."

Agyag and Anka are giving some dirty looks while blocking the door “no more stuff in the car…”


Marika just discovered some room in the car for both of us (Anka looks disappointed she hoped for a "dogs  only" road trip)

After loading the car, Marika discovered some room  for both of us (Anka looks disappointed she hoped for a “dogs only” road trip)


I arrived to Marika’s house in New Jersey before 7AM. We loaded all the dogs and my stuff in her car and we were on our way to Maryland.

We arrived to Cherie and Charlie Green-Johnson’s home at  11:00 for a short visit and to groom Fitz, one of our B-litter Pumis.  We were happy to meet again and I was grateful to see what a loving home Fitz has and how happy he has been with his two Puli friends.

While grooming Fitz, our Pumis and Cherie’s two Pulis , Winston and Sophie reorganized the house.

Although, the lunch invitation was tempting, we had to say goodbye and hit the road to be able to finish the planned first leg of the road.  We had eleven more hours ahead of us to get to Charleston, SC.

Stupid Quiz #1 (while driving to Florida)

Question: what do Catskill Pumis and George Washington have in Common?

Answer: They all crossed the Delaware…

Then...George Washington Crossing the Delaware

Then…George Washington Crossing the Delaware

Contemporary Crossing  of the Delaware...

Now… Pumis Crossing the Delaware…

Marika at the wheel
Marika at the wheel


zipping under Baltimore Harbor.  Feels like time travel.

zipping under Baltimore Harbor. Feels like time travel.




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