Dog Training

Just Because Shakespeare Hated Dogs,
You Don’t Have To Be Mad At Yours…
Instead, Start Training Your Hound…¹


dogs without purpose and obviously without training in early modern cities were running free in packs causing lots of damages and therefore were considered as nuisance during Shakespeare’s time.

 “Family pet dogs supposed to enhance our quality of life….” 


This is the only thing that you’ve remembered, because you did not pay attention to the rest of the talk when your dog’s breeder or the adoption coordinator at the shelter explained you that, “fair and honest  dog ownership basically boils down to  a simple exchange; to fully enjoy everything that a dog can offer, companionship, emotional support, partner in adventures and much much more,  we must be able to harness our dogs’ untamed energy, decode their behavior and shape it through training, practice, management, meaningful engagements exercise and proper daily care.”

So there you are, you did the easy part, purchased an expensive dog or adopted a refurbished one from a shelter on Saturday and as soon as Monday morning, or ten months(!) later you just realized that…

You are at Terra Incognita of the Canis familiaris…

If you are lucky, it has hit you sooner, however, all hope is not lost if it has dawned upon you later. Yes, It is pretty frustrating when the most accurate word to describe your dog is DOESN’T… (and fill in the blank) …come,  …listen, …sit, …stand, …stay, …know his name,  …accept the crate, …stop pulling on the leash, …stop nipping my arm,
…stop barking, etc. )

So let’s admit it, training your dog yourself is not as easy as you’ve imagined, because the mechanics of dog training is like driving a stick-shift… you need COORDINATION….

your Californian aunt’s 1968 VW beetle. Driving it on the hilly streets of San Francisco can be chaotic


You might not realize but learning to teach your dog walking correctly on leash, can be similarly chaotic than driving your Californian aunt, the family’s persona non grata’s 1968 Volkswagen Beetle on the hilly streets of San Francisco. You know, break…, clutch…, accelerator…, shifter…, steering wheel…turn signal…and wipers uphill and down… In short, IT CAN BE COMPLICATED…

For instance to enjoy an uneventful stroll in the park with your dog, in the same time you need to be able to seamlessly coordinate the correct use of leash in one hand, attached to the harness or collar and a treat bag hanging on your hip that assist  you to correctly heel your dog. In your other hand is your overpriced grande skim milk mocha latte (they’ve charged you one dollar for each letter in the name of your yuppie beverage…).  You are also talking to a fellow dog owner walking along you and  you must also be able to manage avoiding to step into a pothole and not falling on your face… Sounds  easy? You don’t know it until you try it…
walking your dog on leash can be complicated...

walking your dog on leash can be complicated…

And here comes the Catskill Pumi Cavalry to the rescue… because…

…our program teaches you to handle your dog with an appropriate balance of training, management and last but not least to teach you

  • the mechanics of training,
  • timing
  • precision
  • how to eliminate excessive and unnecessary prompting
  • impulse control
  • reducing and eliminating reactivity threshold
  • eliminating jumping
  • proper leash walk
  • reliable recall and more…

The Catskill Pumi Cavalry…Our dogs at Cocoa Beach, FL. Perfect off leash, well exercised and mentally stimulated

As a result, this combination ultimately will help you to build  a meaningful and healthy relationship between you and your dog.

By now, I am sure you eagerly want to know how we can help you?

If you are out on the market to make an impulse pure bred puppy buy, or get a shelter mutt, we can help you to identify the appropriate breed or the right concoction of a rescue “chien bizarre” that matches your lifestyle and personality. Have you noticed the guy down the street how much he looks like his dog…? (actually we did not help him to pick the breed)
Here I might add that on one hand, getting a pure bred you also get a certain level of predictability with your new dog  and you pretty much know in advance what you get into….  On the other hand, adopting a mix breed is more like a one night stand, you don’t know what you get…

help you to select the breed that fits you lifestyle and matches your personality

help you to select the breed that fits you lifestyle and matches your personality

Once you have your puppy,  we will help you to puppy prime and puppy proof your life. We  will teach you to properly socialize and train your dog using age appropriate technics and  by emphasizing and demonstrating the importance of setting the little guy up for success during training as opposed to focusing on correcting him every step of the way until he grows up. We teach you the right activities and proper interactions for both of you to build a strong and happy long term relationship.

Age appropriate puppy training

Age appropriate puppy training

Let’s say your dog is relatively well trained however, the two of you have lost the initial spark and probably missing the earlier zest from your interactions.  You also admit off the records when Scruffy is not in the room that in the same time you feel  that your dog has slowly faded into another piece of object in your home. In this case, we will guide you how to rekindle your relationship and rebuilt the old bond.  We will help you  to expand your dog training  “toolbox” with important precise details and new refreshing ideas to make things fun again between you two.

rekindle your relationship with your dog

have fun and rekindle your relationship with your dog.

Happy dog on a kayak trip (one of our Pumis with his new owner) enjoying Kayaking in Texas. He has been introdudced to fun activites that helped him regaining his confidence.

Happy dog  enjoying Kayaking in Texas. After he has been introduced to fun activities he has regained his confidence and changed his behavior to the better..

For those of you who happened to miss  out on training with your dog who has grown into an exuberant barking, jumping and unstoppable annoying feral body mass overtime and therefore, slowly drives you to borderline insanity, soured the relationship with your spouse and chewed a hole in your couch, we are here to help with your dog and potentially save your marriage too. Sorry, we don’t do upholstery…

I guess you might not be surprised to read that a large number of dogs are given up between the age of eight to fifteen months because you’ve also considered to do it, however, luckily for your dog, you have been feeling guilty every time when you think of getting rid of him.  By the way, the sad reason to give up on these dogs  is that they  have not been trained…

Practice in real life environment. Polite well trained dogs are welcomed everywhere.

Practice in real life environment. Polite well trained dogs are welcomed everywhere.

And for those of you who just want to have more fun with your dog and seeking to learn different activities, perhaps inclined to explore dog sports, we also offer introductory agility, scent work and barn hunt classes and more.

intro to agility/coordination /body awareness

intro to agility/coordination /body awareness

So if you think we might be able to help you, than stop scaling the bridge and  don’t jump. Turn back and call us so we can start rebuilding your dog bark by bark. m: 917.4881015 or
We offer group trainings, private and inboard trainings.


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