Farewell (the official one…) “Zárul Miki Móka Tára…”

May 24, 2013


The Nine-Arch Bridge of Hortobagy…

The Hortobagy Herding Camp has officially ended today 🙁

I have to admit that I have not participated at such a well organized group retreat for a long time.

Here, I would like to thank for the excellent program that the organizers and hosts have put together.  Your dedication,  hard work and care that you’ve demonstrated, could set a new standard in hospitality and stewardship.

Thank you for your endless energy and boundless creativity that you’ve used to address and resolve the issues of our dogs (certainly mine…) 

I hope that I will have the opportunity to return in the future and perhaps, one day, we can host you  in our country, the USA, so we can reciprocate (or at least trying it ) your superior hospitality.

During the past week, it seemed that only one of my dogs, Fruska will be able to make a reasonable entry to the FCI herding trial, however, Gabor Kiss has not given up the hope, and managed to rebuild Agyag, my younger dog, from scratch who is after all, ready to compete tomorrow.

Tonight’s dinner party was the perfect finishing touch for our busy week.  Thank you.

Solveig, your champaign treat for all the guests, was a great gesture and real gem tonight.  As a matter of fact, it was  one of the greatest and unexpected surprises to get to know you after growing up on watching Ingmar Bergman’s wonderfully bleak and depressing movies…:-)

V I S Z O N T L A´T A´S R A !