Hyvää Huomenta…(Good Morning)

August 2, 2014

Disclaimer: Folks, I think, I have to control my excitement because my phone data plain is out of control and I am afraid that Verizon might put a lien on Kaffogo Agyag…

The "Fauvist Tent City" at the Kuopio Exhibition Ground. It is just a wild place look at the colors

The “Fauvist Tent City” at the Kuopio Exhibition Ground. It is just a wild place look at the colors

Photo Aug 02, 1 12 32 PM

The tents are only a few feet away from the ring. People live, eat and do their business while the dog show is going on. Everyone is happy and relaxed. Can your dog pass by in the ring while a few feet away there might be a camp stove with some delicious mouth watering morning sausage on the top? Suddenly CGC becomes a different ball game 😉

Photo Aug 02, 1 14 39 PM

The photo just speaks for itself. Life and hobby has a slightly different twist over here in Europe.

Photo Aug 02, 1 19 35 PM

A bit over dressed… BUT once me, always me (this doesn’t make sense does it…?)

Photo Aug 02, 1 27 54 PM

There is no table over here…

Photo Aug 02, 1 28 59 PM

the Pumi with the Puli headed woman…( certainly friendlier and nicer than Medusa…)

Photo Aug 02, 1 28 06 PM

feedback from the judge…

Photo Aug 02, 1 33 34 PM

minor chaos but the judge is in control…

Photo Aug 02, 1 37 32 PM

“move up here please…” we were delighted to do that…

Photo Aug 02, 1 38 41 PM

friendly gestures…

Photo Aug 02, 1 34 48 PM

still going…

Photo Aug 02, 1 34 36 PM

Kaffogo Agyag my Prima donna…

Photo Aug 02, 1 39 45 PM

We Strike a Poze…

Photo Aug 02, 1 53 03 PM

Some of us gathered for a group photo…

Yes, indeed we’ve had a glorious morning and a rewarding day overall.  Most importantly,   Kaffogo Agyag  has had her “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” moment.

The second day of the International SAWO Dog Show, in Kuopio Finland,

Kaffogo Agyag has won CAC, CACIB, BOB. 

The weather is great, and the atmosphere is excellent here. People are super nice and the environment is just surreal. The Kuopio Exhibition Ground has turned into a virtual “fauvist tent city” wild colors, movements and an upbeat dog show bohemianism.

My new Pumi friends, and I got lots of them in two days, invited me back to the tent city to party tonight.

Hey, I might get to experience the Finnish Tango after all!

However,  for now, back to the cabin to relax and give Ms. Kaffogo Agyag her well earned wild run and chase in the countryside.

Be back tomorrow…


hyvää huomenta