Nice to Meet You…

After the Pumi survey the answer was anonymous. They are way bigger tan any dog and obviously over 30lbs, therefore eligible to enter the "large dog" dog park

The response to the sign on the left was unanimous. Pumis are bigger than any dog (at least they think so) therefore, they are eligible to enter the “large dog” dog park


The "Eukanuba's Secret" super models on the table

The “Eukanuba’s Secret” super models

December 14, 2014

Yesterday was the day of the “Meet the Breed,” event, therefore, the Pumis got a break from the conformation ring and we all could take it easier.  We started the day in another nice size dog run (what a convenience for city dogs). The farm Pumis had plenty of steam to release after days of public good behavior and the ongoing breed standard controversy.  After they’ve finished making dizzy the entire dog park population, we packed up and left.

...and action

…and action

Next stop was the Orange County Convention Center, the site of all the shows and trials and the “Meet the Breed event.” After the dog park exercise, the Pumi gang walked in relaxed and behaved like angels.

Once the public realized that we did not sell Grey Cattle, the breed has enjoyed great popularity. Now, it is our job to keep prospective buyers’ expectations realistic.

The Pumis enjoyed great popularity

Once the public realized that we do not sell “Grey Cattle,” the Pumis enjoyed great popularity


So remember, the Pumi is a terrier type breed with the need of daily off leash exercise and quality mental stimulation.  Yes, they will sit on the couch with you calm after you gave them their daily exercise routine.

Enjoy your Pumi…

Marika Foreman is taking the helm at the snake and Pumi charming table

Marika Foreman is taking the helm at the snake and Pumi charming table