“Nonstop you…”

May 13, 2013

We arrived to Dusseldorf around 4AM, Tuesday. I was greeted by a Lufthansa official with the frightening news that the airline has lost the two dogs, Fruska and Agyag and could not locate them. As a result, we’ve missed the connection to Budapest and I had to put up with the rudest most uncooperative customer service and airport police. We were driving around the airport on the tarmac from building to building trying to find the dogs for hours. Finally they drove me back to the gate where we originally arrived. The two dogs have been left there in their crates on an open luggage trailer without supervision for several hours. After a full day of delay, finally, they found a connection to Budapest which was obviously difficult because these days “every dog” flies to Budapest to the WDS.

So much about Lufthansa’s superior treatment of animals. Waste of money not even an apology.

Hey Dr. Reinhold Huber! what happened to “Nonstop you…?”

By the way the dogs have been completely quiet in their crates during this several hours long ordeal – according to one Lufthansa or Airport official that was the reason why they did not find them – why not to blame it on the dogs…

One of the lessons of this micro horror story is that the Pumi is a non-barking breed after all…

Photo 23-02-2008 15 37 47