Pumit Ry – The Pumi Show…

August 10, 2014

Pumit Ry, PumiShow 2014

Pumit Ry, PumiShow 2014

Yesterday, we’ve participated at the Finnish Pumi Club, “Pumit Ry’s” Club Show.  Fodor Zsolt was the judge.

Kaffogo Agyag has enjoyed a serious popularity.  She has won her class, and finished 3rd  overall among all bitches.

Nina Parvin has also entered with Agyag in Junior showmanship class. Nina and Agyag did not take prisoners…

I am glad Pumit Ry has organized this show because it was the perfect rehearsal for today’s WDS.

Wish us luck…!

Photo Aug 09, 1 21 04 PM Photo Aug 09, 1 26 49 PM Photo Aug 09, 2 45 10 PM Photo Aug 09, 2 46 19 PM Photo Aug 09, 3 24 22 PM