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Next one please…(Kerem a kovetkezot)

Flash mob of lost souls...? this can be a really complex issue...

Flash mob of lost souls…? this is a really complex issue…

November 9, 2013

Christmas is around the corner and we are preparing for the fast approaching holiday season.  Finally, the long awaited Merino sheep skins  arrived back from the tanning place in Pennsylvania, yesterday. This year, in addition to the skins we also prepared something new, that I’ve learned during the herding camp in Hortobagy, Hungary, back in May.  We specially prepared the scrotum of each culled lamb ram. At this point, I think, we will probably making an installation piece out of them.

Could by in Sigmund Freud's office

This installation could easily be in Sigmund Freud’s office

By looking at the empty bags, castration anxiety suddenly start making sense.  Old Sigmund was right after all…

Santa dropped of the big Merino sheep skin box

Santa dropped of the big Merino sheep skin box


Merino lamb ram sheep skin freshly back from the tannery

Merino lamb ram sheep skins freshly back from the tannery