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The Potty Training Issue

September 6, 2013

Here we are…eyes wide open, ears moving in the right direction and tails are curling as they supposed to.  The Catskill Pumi Six have been growing according to schedule.

A few days ago still fragile little fur balls have been turning into mischievous “Betyars.”  They’ve been running, wrestling and exploring the property further and further away  from their designated base camp outside on the front lawn every day.

What the little rascals have not realized all this time, that we take full advantage of their freedom to begin their potty training and puppy manners. By the way, can your dog flush the toilette…?

Here they go on their 36th day…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEvWN77-KqY&feature=share&list=UUGAe-4zFkQdx4L2mHnpLHBw  <——- Click here