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“It is All About Kaffogo Agyag…”

May 25, 2013

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Kaffogo Agyag has passed the FCI “Working Dog”Trial/Test… In fact, she has scored higher than my Herding Queen Fruska…


After a week long of serious work, Kaffogo Agyag, has passed the herding working trial/test and become eligible to enter  “working class” at  FCI regulated shows in the future.  In fact, as a super surprise,  she has scored higher than my Herding Queen, Fruska.

Kaffogo Agyag, HJCHP

Kaffogo Agyag, HJCHP

Agyag has also won the Club Exhibition of “Pumi Baratok Egyesulete” that has consequently earned her the Hungarian Junior Champion, (HJCHP.) title!

Fruska has placed Third in the Open Bitches Class and has also earned the “Working Dog” title for future FCI shows.

Fruska, my Herding Queen

Fruska, my Herding Queen


However, as a greatest surprise, I have received a Certificate  of Ambassador of the Pumi recognition by The  Pumi Friends Association, presided by Arkosi Jozsef. 

I am truly honored by this recognition and want consider this title/award as an investment in me for the future to actively utilize my special position as a Hungarian-American in the preservation and more importantly in the improvement of the condition of the Pumi worldwide.

I trust that this year will bring a new dawn for the breed and all positive aspects from the past will be embraced and considered prudently for a brighter future…

We had a great dinner party again! – I love multiple farewell parties. – it is perhaps addressing our separation anxiety that we’ve learned from our dogs… By the way, rumor says that the Hortobagy area has run out of Palinka since the arrival of the Alien Pumi Contingent 🙂

Finally, with tomorrow’s show we will arrive to the end of our long journey and than we will take a well deserved rest.

But before resting, my Prima Donnas are certainly ready to represent Team Pumi Americanus one more time.