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If Pluto was a Pumi…

June 9, 2013

Someone asked me the other day, why I call my blog “Planet Pumi?” Here is my answer,

Pluto“On August 24, 2006, the International Astronomical Union passed two resolutions that collectively revoked Pluto’s planetary status.

I have only one thing to say; if Pluto was a Pumi, this decision would have never been approved …”

So based on this assumption,  welcome to my blog, “Planet Pumi…”

Trctor Parade CallicoonBy the way, if you felt that the temperature was higher today than usual, you were right and I tell you the reason why.  We love marches and parades in general here in the United States . Today, in Callicoon, NY, Sullivan County farmersTractor Parade Callicoon,/2 organized their annual “Tractor Parade” releasing some serious diesel engine fume in the air, creating as big of a carbon footprint as a Jeti’s footprint from the Himalayas.

How big is the Jeti’s footprint on Everest? It is hard to tell anymore because the snow that has held the footprint forever, in the altitute where the Jeti walks around has mostly melted, partially because of the air pollution from previous years’ tractor parades…


Tractor Parade