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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2016

Happy involuntary St Patrick's Day at TXL/Berlin, Airport Germany

Happy involuntary St Patrick’s Day at TXL/Berlin, Airport Germany

I am involuntarily celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at TXL/Berlin airport in Berlin, Germany. I am stuck here for most of the day because I missed my connection to Budapest, Hungary.   It is a pretty depressing run down place. It feels like the European version of Jim Crow era public place – only the appropriate sign is missing “Germans Only…”

The only thing consoling my distress is the 40 Euro voucher that I got from Airberlin for my pain and suffering.  That is about 8.88888 beers in an airport bar. My options are; make friends by buying a few pints for some random intimidating  strangers  or drink it all by myself… but than I might miss my connection again.

Baby in the airport bar -early child hood education - or no chid left behind

Baby in the airport bar -early child hood education – or no chid left behind

Until than, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

loud rowdy crowd drinking beer at the airport. A beer putsch for every day

loud rowdy crowd drinking beer at the airport. A beer putsch for every day. In 2016, 366 day…

the dog and the fat man

the EX and the dog


more dogs

Do you have a beer bone?


give me a beer biscuit

My Personal Stockholm Syndrome

August 9, 2014

The belly of the beast... ( hope they do not forget to close the doors after loading and the ship does not turn into a submarine...

The belly of the beast… ( hope they do not forget to close the doors after loading and the ship does not turn into a submarine…)

So, Thursday we took a cruise-ferry to Stockholm, Sweden on the  board of the Silja Symphony.  I have been wary a a bit about the trip considering the ship’s history. The builder of the boat, the Wartsyla Marine shipyard, went belly up  – ok sort of…they  went bankrupt during the construction of the ship in 1991.

A very thoughtful sign now I feel really safe...

A very thoughtful sign now I feel really safe…

After she was put in service, she’s had several scary incidents. Once it sucked in a swarm of fish that stopped the engine at open waters. Several years later, she ran into the dock in the harbor of Marienham in a storm that has created some major damage. So here I was, ready to go on my personal Titanic trip to experience “My Personal Stockholm Syndrome.”   (it works in reverse than the original Stockholm Syndrome…)


The "Pumericans" ready to embark on an adventure. From democracy to Absolut Monarchy (extra dry please...)

The “Pumericans” ready to embark on an adventure. From democracy to Absolut Monarchy (extra dry please…)

Well, in case you did not know,  Sweden is a kingdom. Surprisingly the only absolute monarchy in Europe. By the way, it comes in various flavors, black currant, lemon, orange, etc. (all other monarchies in Europe are constitutional.)

The last Absolut Monarchy in Europe ( in Many flavors...)

The last Absolut Monarchy in Europe ( in many flavors…)

Of course, I know other things about Sweden too. I’ve also known Ingmar Bergman’s movies, Alfred Nobel, (the guy who invented the dynamite and than they named a peace price after him…) Than there is August Strindberg, (I saw one of his plays the “Creditors” at BAM, Brooklyn NY. )Than there is VOLVO. I call the 1970’s-80′ models  “OVLOV”  like they would have been Soviet made cars because of their austerity – NO CUP HOLDERS!?!?!? (hey they were safe and simple…)

serious cruise ship fun...

serious cruise ship fun…

Photo Aug 08, 12 21 14 AM Photo Aug 08, 12 26 11 AM

One thing however, that all  Americans know about Sweden is, the country’s phenomenal pop music success.  Remember ABBA, Ace of Base and the Cardigans? (You call them cheese today, but you’ve kept hitting “rewind” over and over again  while driving long distance back in the days.

So the songs started popping up in my head and while I was doodling, I was missing my dogs back in the States and Kaffogo Agyag  in Finland. I left Agyag with Marja-Leena Puranen while I was sailing to Sweeden. (By the way, Marja-Leena, thank you sooo much to take care of my baby dog!)

The first Volvo ever by the Vikings. (more like an Ovlov...) It was amphibious.

The first VOLVO ever. Built by the Vikings. (more like an OVLOV…) It was amphibious.

Photo Aug 08, 2 31 51 PM Photo Aug 08, 2 36 26 PM

Than I went to bed, and the whole thing just got mixed up and I had a weird dream (here it is…)  Video Aug 09, 6 01 20 PM <——CLICK HERE…

Pleased to Meet You – the Catskill Pumi Pack – A Litter

August 7, 2013

There have been a lively debate about  Hungarian Pumi names on the “Pumilovers” chat  after we posted the newly selected names of the pups.  (I guess, people read the blog…)  Regardless, we’ve decided to go with the tradition and selected Hungarian names for each and everyone. While the middle names that describes the first impression characters of the pups, might be difficult to pronounce, the call names should be simple to learn.

Growing up with three languages in the intersection of at least five-six cultures in Transylvania and Hungary, and after moving to the U.S. and having lived in Chicago and New York City, two multi-culti megalopolises, for many years,  we have been puzzled of the emotions that “the name issue” has created,  especially here,  in the quintessential country of cultural melting pot, the U.S.A….

Anyway, we are pleased to introduce you the newest members of the Catskill Pumi Pack…


ACEL, Pumi Male


Ara, Pumi Female

ARA, Pumi Female



ASZ, Pumi Male



ALPAR, Pumi Male



AG, Pumi Male


Photo 06-08-2013 13 02 31

ANKA, Pumi Female




The Name Issue…

August 2, 2013 PM/2

And yes, there is the name challenge…  Hungarian breeds, traditionally get funny Hungarian names that tend to irritate the hell out of  American veterinary staffs.  On the top of it, there is the obligation of the “alphabet” litter naming.  One have to be not only original but also have to comply with the alphabet rule/tradition.

So we’ve come up with a loophole. Here are the names;

Red Female, “Apacatancos Anka

Purple Female “ACsecsebecse Ara

Yellow Male “AKulipintyos Ag

Blue Male “APityokas Alpar

Green Male “ACsinnadrattas Acel

Orange Male “AFityfirittyes Asz

Most of these words come from the language of the Transylvanian Hungarian “Szekely” ethnic group.  The call names in Red, however, are pure old Hungarian names.

So follow your favorite pup…

Does Really the White Crane Bring Them…? (Golya Hozza…?)

August 1, 2013

White Crane

Do really White Cranes bring babies…?

When I was about ten or eleven, I asked my mother, a former  catholic nun (it is a long story I will tell you in the future) that “where babies come from?”  While she turned pale and her eyes glazed over, she nervously mumbled to me that, “babies come from White Cranes who drop them down through the chimneys of houses.” Since cranes frequently built their nests on the top of chimneys, as one can see them all over in the Hungarian country side, it seemed  a reasonable answer and I did not force the issue further.  (I guess, I must really believed the story as I have no kids of my own but live in a house with three enormous chimneys what we religiously check every two months in the name of fire safety…)

Than yesterday, we got six healthy and adorable Pumi puppies from Felallo Fulu Fruska, (the closest creatures that can get to babies…) and for my surprise non of them came though any of the chimneys…

She labored hard and cleaned them beautifully like in a text book. I guess she has never been told the crane story…

She has given birth to two female and four male pups. The pups are healthy and gaining weight by the minute.  Fruska is a great mom and after her short and frequent elimination outings, she cannot wait to get back to her pooches.

We are excited and closely watching the pups’ developments and busy to look for names which is a formidable challenge in “Pumi Territory.”

More to come later…

Pumis Come From Mars… <——-Click here… 

“The Belly of an Herditect” (after Peter Greenaway…)

July 24, 2013

Felallo Fulu Fruska in Aligator position. She is approximately  5 days away from her due date.  She is big as a cabinet and still wants to run.

Photo 24-07-2013 15 30 57


pregnant aligator  Pumi

pregnant aligator Pumi

Pregnant Aligator Pumi/2Pregnant Aligator Pumi/2







 Fruska Aligator 1











Breaking News…

July 12, 2013

Felallo Fulu Fruska

Picture Perfect…

We are excited to announce that Felallo Fulu Fruska, CM, HSAS-Master, HSAS, PT, HRD-I-S,      HTAD I-S, FCI Working Dog (Herding)  is pregnant.

Fruska -  training Opusztaszer

Fruska – training Opusztaszer




She’s been mated to Karvakorvan Basso “Borzi,” ICH, HCH in Hungary.  

We are expecting our A-litter in the last week of July.

Borzi is posing

Borzi is posing


Young Pumi "Borzi" in 2006

Young Pumi “Borzi” in 2006

What? Goat and Sheep Social Services…?

June 15, 2013

goat pasture

unsuspecting kids enjoying the lush pastures not long before taking them from their moms

Not exactly… but this ominous day happens once a year when weaning or the breaking up of livestock families takes place. It is dramatic, and emotional but it has to happen. It is an artificial rite of passage into adulthood. Ewes, does, and nannies finally can get rid of their burdensome offsprings and can start rejuvenating their nutrition deprived bodies.

For us, it is a back breaking and tedious process.  We have to separate adult ewes, does, ram lambs, kid bucks, lamb and kid girls onto separate paddocks and into separate buildings. Dogs have to be delicate, not to put too much pressure on an individual kid or lamb because too much stress  can kill a youngster.  This is also the time for last vaccinations and inspections, so we have to catch each animal individually, grab, lift turn pull, etc.  The whole process have taken us somewhere  about four to five hours.  Even though, we have a goat and sheep farm, by the time we finish everything, we look like pigs.

And honestly, the next four or five days, I would not want to be my own neighbor and listen to the screaming and crying from every corner of the farm until the youngsters accept that their moms are not available anymore.

http://youtu.be/CIlecDnFy6g <—-Click here…