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For Pumifest 2014 News Update, Your Password Is “Artichoke” (Trailing The Lewis And Clark Expedition…?)

April 27, 2014

In 1804, the Lewis and Clark Expedition has started its historic and quasi secret journey to the Pacific NorthWest.  The main reason to the secrecy was to avoid the Spaniards and their allies to intercept the American explorers. Part of the preparation of the Corps of Discovery was a language code that operated with a password that they used to send messages back to the East.

As of today, pretty much we have more news about Seaman, Lewis' dog from 1804 than about the Pumis of Pumifest 2014.

As of today, pretty much we have more information about Seaman, Lewis’ dog  from 1804 than about the Pumis of Pumifest 2014.

Jumping two hundred and some years ahead to 2014, not far from the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, Pumifest 2014 has taken place in Washington State.  Among many things, there have been three days of  competitions, exploration of new disciplines, health checks and bondings on the agenda of the annual North American Pumi Summit.

Those of us, who could not make it, have hungrily hung on the internet waiting for continuos flow of news, chronicles, small stories,  photo streams and short videos in real time, because we hoped to be at least in spirit in Washington and celebrate  with our Pumifriends in proxy.  Instead, in the age of the internet and instant communication, (with a few exception), we have experienced a Pumifest 2014 “news brownout. ”

I am not looking for conspiracy theories and yes, I admit, it certainly sounds a bit exaggerated to draw a parallel between The Lewis and Clark Expedition’s shroud of secrecy and Pumifest 2014’s lack of continuos news update but what will I tell to the pups now…?

Where is the news...?

Where are the pictures? videos? stories? where is the news…?