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Uncorking the Racka Sheep and Re-imagining the Feszty Panorama

May 17, 2013


Finally the day of the long awaited Herding Seminar at the Opusztaszer Heritage Park has arrived.  After 4 hours of sleep, I packed up the Pumis and drove to the seminar. Fruska and Agyag have been eager to start the practice but they had to wait through the presentation part of the day.

This group of racka seems eady to uncork the expat Pumis

This group of racka seems ready to uncork the expat Pumis

During the break we checked out parts of the park, including the monumental Feszty Panoramic Painting about the invasion of the Karpat Basin by the ancestral Hungarians. It is a breath taking work of art on1800 square meters of canvas with the necessary gruesome images of war, pagan rituals, sacrifice, rape, killing, pillaging and of course heroism painted  in the  style of romanticism with a strong influence from the Munich Landscape Artists.


the seven chieftains of the Hungarians with the cart pulling gray cattle

the seven chieftains of the Hungarians with the famous cart pulling group of gray cattle in the forefront (detail from the painting)

could the seven chieftains ride cubist/expressioninst blue horses...?

could the cubist/expressionist depiction of the seven chieftains maintain   solemnity  on these blue horses…?


I am wondering what would have been the result if a Cubist or an

can you picture the cart pulling oxes in expressionist style?

a possible alternative for the cart pulling group of gray cattle in expressionist style…

Expressionist painter had been commissioned to create this painting…




After the break, we started practicing.  Agyag was somewhat temperamental. Her young age, inexperience with different herding environments,  new stock and the effect of her hormonal imbalance due to her beginning heat cycle combined,  have taken their toll on her.  Her overall performance however, was pretty reassuring for the future.



"for a chase like this I get yelled at on the farm at home"

“for a chase like this I get yelled at back home on the farm…”



...I have a rather strong opinion about your opinion

“…take it or leave it Mom”


Fruska, however, was in complete control. A real diva of the herding arena. Confident, strong and  commanding.  It is a pleasure to watch her working.  It must be the combination of her Hungarian blood, French sophistication, and American flamboyance… I love you girl!

"A rose is a rose is a rose"  so what is the Pumi?

“A rose is a rose is a rose”
so what is a Pumi…?









It was a smart decision to participate at the seminar. We had a great time, have met some great Pumi people and learned some nice tricks to correct some specific problems.  Thank you Krisztina Menyhart and Tari Jozsi!

some advice to correct problems...

some advice from Krisztina Menyhart to correct problems…

hope to be back in the future…

Photo 18-05-2013 00 19 03

Tari Jozsi one of the Men in Black…?






Tamara Prohaska, thank you for the great herding seminar pictures.